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America Burning

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I have lived long enough to have viewed some of the most appalling images of inhumanity from children with skin dropping off having been burned with Naphalm in Vietnam to innocent aid workers having their heads sawn off by craven cowards in balaclavas in the Middle East.

However, in all honesty, I don't think that anything chilled by blood as much as the sight of a white supremacist in a police uniform causally leaning on the neck of a fellow human being initially pleading for his life and then being very patently lifeless for a full nine minutes.

Almost worse, the image of three of his equally culpable colleagues standing back and doing not a thing to intervene and prevent the murder taking place before their eyes and a matter of feet from them.

I do not condone the violence and looting which serves nobody but can understand the outrage and the feeling of enough is enough and was pleased and proud to see so many white people standing shoulder to shoulder with their African American brothers and sisters.

That country needed, as never before, an empathetic voice of authority with a credible promise of real and lasting change.

Instead what they got was a loathsome subhuman pouring petrol on the flames calculating that more death and devastation, especially if the deaths were more black deaths  would play well to his base and improve his rapidly diminishing prospects of re election.

Never have I been so ashamed by the thought that there is Scottish blood flowing through the veins of that vile reptile.

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I have not been impressed with many American Presidents apart from Obama but Donald Trump is the worst that I remember and things are going to get a lot worse there and that is excluding the Covid 19 pandemic.

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Strong words from Kingsmills, but accurate , which few would disagree with, or at least admit to disagreeing.  This issue has been bubbling just under the surface for decades.  I too remember the horrific scenes in the 60s, and on other occasions since.  It has never properly been dealt with, even under Obama's Presidency, when many thought more would have been  done to address it.  Now, with Trump, there is no chance.  It is clear where his sympathies lie.  I fear it will get worse before it gets better.

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