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:lol: i read that whole article thinking CB was craig Brewster. :lol: didnt make such sence.

then i reliased ;) :lol:


:( well done me

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I meet up with fans from all the teams, apart from OF (I dont travel on the train with them), and none have ever complained about the journey. Carry out on train up, bit of banter, few beers in Sneck, see the game, carry out on train back down. A great day out with beautiful scenery thrown in and the chance to see, if lucky, some of our native animals and birds.

Did they know ban football fans from drinking on trains :blah01: ???

Only if the trains have been designated in advance as football trains. Alcohol consumption is not allowed on buses though. And thats any bus, not just football ones.

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just want to add my best wishes for tommorows game .leeds failed to get in the play offs but ict can 'save' my season by stopping up.

after all icts been through to get in the spl it would be nothing short of tragic to go down

my game plan would be to get 10 on the line all game and go for the draw :021:

best of luck to you all especialy the loyal every game atendeers


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Guest Caleylass

Got the radio on the office and ...... the reporters have been interveiwing the punters in Glasgow and asking for their verdict on the relegation and who will win the league..... and guess what

'I would like to see Caley Thistle stay up as they deserve it and have watched them a few times and are more of the entertaining side.... get that

Im still smiling :angry: :lol::lol::lol:

What a wee boost

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No worries .......Wee Johnny and I have an understanding :022:

We may sport different colours but we share the same passion for our respective teams, albeit thru the difficulties of an exiled perspective. Life as a football fan is a rollercoaster ride, as you know doubt realise in your short history ................. but would we have it any other way ? No chance :ohmy:

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Well here it is....the day is upon on us! Really really nervous!

If you'd have asked us in January if we fancied playing to stay up in last game of the season, we'd have probably bitten yer hand off!

Terry Butcher has done a fantastic job since he arrived - he is the man to keep us up! BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's make that Stadium rock today!

Good Luck Lads! I know you can rise up to the challenge and become he Legends we know you are!

C'MON CALEY THISTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

B) B) :lol:

Mrs PB

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Michel Platini,

Bonjour Lionel mon garcon, vous etes un ero qui deux grand jambes et n'est pas vache de imbecile qui les roastabeef des anleterres. Allez Lionel, allez, un jour vous etes jouie de La France.

Come on the Calais,


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Here's what our city "neighbours" are thinking for today...

Every team is knackered apart from Aberdeen before they play them, anyhow they`re not a real time, a side amalgated from fierce rivals, they should stick to shinty and looking for the loch ness monster, football has no place for such rubbish.

You can see ALL of their comments here >>> http://hibs.net/message/showthread.php?t=151066 Nice bunch ain't they?

Just one more reason for this jambo to want you guys to stay up!!!

AND I hope that Hibernian FC NEVER EVER take a full 3 points home from the Caley Stadium!

Get stuck right into those Grangemouth Ethylene breathing clowns today guys and girls!!!

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I'm not exactly a regular poster on here, but I can't make the game and I need somewhere to wish the team good luck. I'll be sitting in a pub somewhere in Dundee, but will be at the stadium in spirit.

I'm really nervous about this, but I'm sure they can do the job. 'mon the Caley Thistle!

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Good luck folks, dinnae think ye'll need it though' enjoy yer day oot :( Much as i'd like us to be playing ICT next season, eh can wait one more year :lol:

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Off to the game now, we can do this!!!

Falkirk buses were supposed to be leaving at 8.30 I think they should be at the stadium between 11.45 and 12 it would be brilliant if they cant get in because its full of ICT fans. I think around 500 tickets have been sold for the away end so far, the rest is pay at the gate.

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