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Discuss ICT & other games in this thread as they happen
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Inverness CT -V- Hamilton

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6th May 2017 @ 12:15PM, Caledonian Stadium
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Utterly amazing to think that even if we lose next week, we're still in the game because Ham and Mot play each other and can't both win! We only have to be within 3 points of Mot come the last day of

Credit where credits due. We deserved the win today and played some really good stuff. We defended well, sometimes desperately but it did the job. I've been a big critic of Ritchie but today he must d

I resigned myself to relegation some weeks ago. It's this lingering hope that's getting to me !

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I was planning taking the wee man to the game today. Was just sitting down to a bacon Roll and cuppa tea, and realised it was an early Kick Off :(

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Where has this performance been? What a difference it makes having Tansey and Draper as the midfield 2, absolutely dominating and being helped out by great movement from the front 4.

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33 minutes ago, SMEE said:

Lucky not to have given away a penalty there

Clear pen, terrible decision. The bit of luck that we've been needing.

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Well, there's a surprise - replace Vigurs with Draper in the midfield, put some pace out wide and the victory comes. We'd all seen that in November, but Richie persevered with a failing formula. Lesson learned for next game?

That late goal could yet bite us...but only if we can beat Dundee next week. Ach well, we're still just about alive. How odd it feels to have won!

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First half was tremendous!  Should have scored 4, Fisher was awful but the 3 points will be accepted no prob.  However the second half was not pretty, nobody wanted to hold the ball and think about tit! just pump the ball upfield! and when we did play a bit, Boden missed when 1 on 1!!!!!!  :sad:    Pass marks for most players except, Fisher, Raven and Brad (who was PYSH)   Raven is crap at RB,  Anier did well and was close to MOM, Mulraney looked good in spells but faded away. Tansey looked up for it from the start as did most of the team, where was this performance 2 months ago????

Anyway we now hope County and Killie do us a favour!  Knowing them they will probably lie down!

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2 hours ago, snorbens_caleyman said:

No Vigurs :amazed:   That's put the kibosh on jagster's team selection!

Was delighted to be wrong TBH 

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