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Next Fans Meeting Saturday 3rd Feb

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We look forward to seeing a good turn out on Saturday 3rd February at the ICT Social Club on Greig Street. There will be food availalable and a return bus to the stadium leaving at 2.30.

We are delighted to confirm that once again we will be joined by Scott Young, Director ICT who will do what he can to answer questions or come back with any other queries.

If you are unable to attend then please drop us an email with any concerns and we will raise them on your behalf info@ictsupporterstrust.org

Please spread the word and pop down if you can.


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Just a reminder about the meeting at 1200 in the Caley Club next Saturday (3 February), with Scott Young, one of the club’s Directors attending to answer questions from fans.

Full details are at the top of this thread and all fans are welcome.

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As the weekend approaches and we start to think about Saturday's crucial match with Queens Park, remember this meeting is on before it, at 1200 at the Caley Club.

Full details are in the first message in this thread and all fans are welcome.

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A big thank you for everyone who came along to yesterday's meeting in the Caley Club, and particular thanks to Board Member George Moodie who led the Q&A Session.

Thanks also to Ross Morrison, who joined for the first hour, and to Scott Young, who was present for the full meeting. It is encouraging to see the Chairman and Board wishing to engage with the Supporters Trust and with fans in general.

A full update will appear on the Supporters Trust website in due course, but some highlights from the discussion.

Ross Morrison provided an update on the Battery Park, and the implications for the club. The planning decision will be made by the Council at Wednesday's South Area Planning Committee. The club has overcome three of the four grounds for refusal, with the loss of open space being the remaining issue. With the work that has been put in since the previous Planning Meeting, Ross is confident that the application will be approved. If it is, the club will quickly receive a seven figure sum which will stabilise finances, allow debt to be cleared, and allow investment to start in areas which will secure future income streams for the club. The club will not get an ongoing income stream from the Battery Park. Areas which may see investment include the North Car Park.

However, the position is very bleak if the application is refused. An appeal will be submitted, but the delay will cause significant cash flow issues for the club, as it cannot continue to sustain the level of losses that have been prevalent in recent years. This will have a serious negative impact as the club will not be able to support all its current activities.

Fans received an update on the activities of the Community Trust, and in particular the good progress that has been made on the Sports Hub. The future progress on this is one of many issues which are dependent on the planning decision on Wednesday.

Scott Young advised that, at the club's Board Meeting on Friday, he was confirmed as the Supporters Liaison Officer. Scott indicated his commitment to making this role work, and to ensuring that the club responds to contact from fans and takes action where it is required. The Supporters Trust has been pushing for the club to make the SLO work properly, and this is a welcome step forward. We look forward to working closely with Scott to ensure that fans' issues are understood and addressed.

Scott advised that there are 1459 season tickets, and a further 50 half season tickets were sold. The club intends to be more proactive when it comes to season ticket renewals this year.

The meeting between the Trusts Disability Group and the club remains outstanding, but a date should be fixed soon.

Options for Hospitality Days that are aimed at fans rather than businesses are being explored.

The club recognises that the attractiveness of player sponsorship has reduced, and intends to address this for the coming season.

It has been great to see some new members join the Trust in recent weeks: welcome to you all!

The Trust exists to represent fans of the club, and to be a bridge between the club and its supporters. Membership is only £5 (£1 for under 16s) and joining is easy. Just follow this link:


If anyone has any comments for the Supporters Trust, we can be contacted through this link:


or through the Trust Facebook page:


Thank you again for everyone who attended yesterday's meeting.


Robert Andrew

(please note that the above is my personal summary of the key issues and not a formal Trust report on the meeting).

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