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Matchday Thread - Hibernian -V- ICT


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Hibernian -V- Inverness CT

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28th December @ 7:45PM

Easter Road, Edinburgh

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You will never see a better goal than Hayes got....definite contender for Goal of the Month.

Brilliant run and finish.

Now, strictly speaking he should really have rolled it to Tade who was in loads of space and would have had a simple finish. But even without the befeit of hindsight I think we all know he made the right choice!

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Kept away from the telly until I watched it on BBC incomprehensible. Good result, better for us than them. O'Hanlon, straight red every day. That was a leg breaker of a tackle, I'm amazed Foran kept going after that, and even more amazed that the ref ignored it. Great goal from Hayes, but we really do try to lose games in injury time by giving away corners and then making a complete horlicks of them. Thought McKay was a tad off the pace up front, but I'll take a point every day.

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Just watched it all on Alba, without knowing the score. Two points lost in my view. Hibs were there for the taking. Apart from injury time they were never in the game. Silly free kick given away by Golobart for Hibs goal, but Esson must take some responsibility. His positioning for O'Connor's shot was abysmal, giving himself no chance. Goal of the season contender by Hayes, but why does he disappear for long periods during the game? No problem with Foran tonight, back to his best I thought. Also Gillet looked sound. Golobart gave me some worrying moments. Up front we created enough half chances to have won this game easily, but we seemed to want to walk the ball into their net. Can't help feeling disappointed with only a point from this game. But, looking on the bright side, I hadn't really realised just how poor Hibs are this season. Unless they improve dramatically, we should manage to stay ahead of them.

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