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Rory Gallagher

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Posted this yesterday under Olde Inverness > Picture of Heaven, but maybe this place would be more appropriate. I promise I won't post it anywhere else.

Rory Gallagher plays the Howden End!!

I was looking for something else, and stumbled across this.  Just over 2 minutes of silent colour film of Taste playing at Telford Street in 1970.  (Wrongly captioned as being at Clach's ground.)   I have never seen this before.  There are a couple of quick sweeps of the ground, but you won't recognise anyone.

By coincidence, today, March 1st, is the 44th anniversary of his legendary show in the Caley Hotel - my first proper rock gig.  I thought they were all going to be like that!

And March 2nd would have been his 69th birthday. 

Still sorely missed.

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tm4tj and snorbens-caleyman

,Thanks so much for posting this, I moved to the Inverness area 23 years ago (which is how I support ICT, new home + new team:ictscarf: though at present the second part feels a bit second rate:sad:) and have been a lifelong Rory fan.  I am lucky enough to remember Telford Street but never knew that Rory had played there, your clip is fascinatng on all levels for me:smile:.

Many thanks again.

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Thanks for your kind comments, Caleytrue, and I am glad that you enjoyed the film clip. I was gobsmacked when I discovered it by accident - it had never occurred to me that some film of the event might exist.

I wasn't at the Telford Street gig, but it was well-known in Inverness.

The only other time Rory played in Inverness was the gig that I referred to above - on 1 March 1973. (I know this because I have an advert for the tour, from one of the music papers, in a frame on the wall beside me - good picture of Rory, and a list of all the tour dates). It was in the Caledonian Hotel, which is now the Mercure, on Church Street. They put on gigs in their ballroom. I have no idea if it is still a ballroom, but if you stand on the riverside and look at the hotel, it is the shoebox-shaped extension coming towards you on the right-hand side.

It was my first proper rock gig with a A-list name. I wasn't really into Rory at the time, but my mates were, so I said "OK, get me a ticket too". I don't think I realised how lucky I was - I believe that the show could have been sold out two or three times over.

We didn't get many big names in the north of Scotland, so anyone who made the journey could expect a great welcome. Just imagine that small, low-ceilinged ballroom jam-packed with hot, sweaty, drunken Highlanders eager for their shot of rhythm'n'blues, and then imagine Rory and the band pulling out all the stops! It was great. As I said, I thought all rock gigs were going to be that good.

To be honest, I don't remember many details about the music - I wasn't very familiar with it at the time. I do remember "Bankers Blues" being introduced as one from the new album ("Blueprint"), and I also remember Rory promising to come back to Inverness during "In Your Town" - but he never did. I, however, moved away in 1974 - first to university and then to work in London, so I saw him again many times over the years. Many happy memories - and also sadness at his untimely death.

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