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Player Sponsorship - 2017/18


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The system has auto-generated renewal notices for those who joined the player sponsorship group last year and I see a few have already renewed (thank you). I just got back across this side of the pond yesterday and will edit this post with information so we can get the renewal up and running soon. I would hope we would just continue with the same player (Liam Polworth) and depending on costs and how much we raise we may do more ........

If you were a part of it last year and not doing it this year, then you can ignore the renewal notice. it will eventually just expire. it will not deduct money from you automatically.

If you were a part of it last year but for some reason did not get a renewal and want to renew, you should be able to do so here: http://caleythistleonline.com/clients/purchases/

If you were not part of it last year and want to do it this year then you can go here -   


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8 hours ago, Gabby said:

I can't progress to the checkout.  Instead there is a button saying Out of Stock

ok. let me fix that. i set the available quantity to zero once we reach our goal each year and have not changed it back. try again when you see this message and it should be good

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