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Russia - The World Cup

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18 hours ago, CaleyCanary said:

Thoroughly enjoyed what turned out to be a very entertaining tournament. Only sour point for me was Harry Kane winning the Golden Boot when 3 of his 6 strikes were from penalties. Given some of the fantastic goals we saw during the tournament I just felt his winning of the award was a bit of a let-down and slap in the face to some of the exciting strikers who were far more capable in front of the goal from open play than he was.

Penalties, when awarded, still have to be converted which is a skill in itself. I agree that there were better and more entertaining forwards at the tournament but, whether from the penalty spot or not, Harry Kane scored more goals than anyone else so was the deserved winner of the Golden Boot.

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Well that's all folks!

Last night I was watching  International  rugby "seven's"  on the tele and Scotland vied for supremacy against one of the  African teams whose big and very speedy forwards bedazzled the Scottish team by scoring 4 goals to nothing  by half time . By half-time  It looked as if Scotland were about to suffer a terrible defeat.

Then the revolution started and Scotland really turned it on in the second half demonstrating great passing, and  left the other team standing with brilliant run after run and ended up scoring a ton in the second half. They got their last,  and winning, goal in the very last few seconds  of the match when the ref awarded a try after consulting the beaks and the T .V. What a match! And what a transformation in their play.

And for their first half display of power, swift passing and electric pace all credit to the black boys. Oh and they did score another goal in the 2nd half which reall6y put the cat among the pigeons  and  made for a tumultuous finish. And I did not see any bad fouls or deliberate attempts to injure one player.

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