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Discuss ICT & other games in this thread as they happen
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Dundee -V- Inverness CT

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24th August @ 3pm, Dens Park, Dundee
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Be interesting to hear from anyone who was at the game. On attempts we seemed to be on top but does that represent the game well?

A better result than our other visits to Dundee this season so far. 

Morton next weekend may give us a feel for where we are, given their reasonable start to the season. 

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A draw was probably a fair result but towards the end we had very good chances to win the game. Playing Storey changed the dynamics although generally we played better than in the Betfred Cup. We contained McGowan better this time. Dundee did use their three subs before we used any which was a bit of a worry as we dipped slightly. However, we picked up when Roddy was introduced with Jordan. The latter did win his headers but with balls played to him then gave away possession. He really needs a boost. Toddy had about 8 minutes when he came on and had one half chance which he nearly took. Expect himt overtake Jordan soon. Jordan will come back though. Overall this was a stabilisation result after those two bad visits to Dundee and if we do not get too cocky, should give us confidence to pick up. 

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2 hours ago, Kind of Blue said:

A valuable away point - well done the team.


48 minutes ago, caleyboy said:

Good point. Be happy people ?

Yes I agree with both posts I am happy with that. 

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The highlights are a bit flattering but we definitely created the better chances, especially in the last 10 to 15 minutes. A very obvious change in style without a target man and even when we brought the big guys on it was to get the ball out wide and put crosses in rather than hitting it long early. None of our front 4 really got into their stride in this game - Keatings in particular was disappointing, but Robbo had the options on the bench to change it - something we didn't have at all for most of last season. The midfield 2 had a much better balance and McCart stood out at the back. Overall, even though it wasn't a great performance, I left feeling more positive about the season ahead than I did beforehand. 

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Based only on the highlights, it looked pretty even and both sides will feel they could have won. 

Doran looked the stand out with McCart prominent. 

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I think I recall some fans putting MCart down but,   from my perspective,  he seems to have  been an excellent  signing for ICT for a considerable time really.

In that vein of thought surely he can only be expected to get better and better; with encouragement;   not the opposite though.

The younger  the player the more  encouragement is needed because he does not have the past experience to allow him to successfully assess his own capabilities.

So cut him some slack , praise his good moves and watch him blossom into Bobby Bolt (centre half for Caley when I was a wee boy.Ha!)

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