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Hugely unexpected but also unexpected win yesterday. The conditions were abysmal for most of the game and I feared the worst when the announcer told people to hold on to their ticket stubs in case the

Take a bow, lads. :clapping: That was a superb performance in really difficult conditions; in the second half the wind was so bad that Ryan Esson's main concern was getting his goal kicks near

Looked a certain slip to me, but would need to get a closer look. There were three men of the match today and they all had there best ever game for ICT. Take a bow Richie Foran, Jonny Hayes and

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Can anyone tell me who the pundit is on radio

Brian Irvine I think .....along with Scott Davie for the live commentary ... not sure who is doing open all mics ... can hear him, but not listening to that stream so dont know .....

I think I heard someone mention Mike Noble but I could be wrong!

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could be Mike Noble for MFR ? not listening to that one either .... Alex was very vague with his question ... typical moderator :lol:

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Wow, wasn't really expecting Shane to score. That'll be something like his 3rd goal in 60 games at a guess.

3 in 53 ..... but only 14 of those games were matches where he was in the starting lineup. A lot of his other "appearances" were last 5 minute cameos ... a bit like the argument used for Rory McAllister .....

Each game where Sutherland scored, was one where he was in the starting lineup and also each one was a home game. He scored -V- Hearts today, Celtic (in a 3-2 win) and Motherwell (in a 3-0 win) ...

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Sponsor's man of the match today - Shane Sutherland

Radio Scotland MOM sounds like - Jonny Hayes

According to Scott Davie, the accolade was because he scored his first goal for the club... :furtive:

Kilmarnock going into meltdown at home again - now 3-0 Dunfermline. And Hibs equalise again.

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