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I apologise. I simply didn't realise that his 'contract' would be honoured after termination.

Football really works in different spheres!


Blimey, I'd love to screw-up at my 'permanent contract' job next week and be told I'm sacked. Then, sit back and enjoy my salary every year until I'm 68!  


It is an odd situation. Terry (or any other manager in this situation) is no worse off by sunning himself in his East Anglian back-garden as he is to taking the pelters from the Leith faithful?

I just don't understand it. Surely, under 'football contracts', the incentive to succeed is immediately negated - you receive you payment rtegardless of results?!


Yes, I'm being naive or not up to employment law - but that seems astonishing! Effectively Hibernian are paying for two sets of managers!

Astonishingly bad, top-level managerialship/directorship - Petrie should consider his position as he's presided over a shambles.

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In terms of league position our last 2 seasons have been our best 2 seasons ever and we have Terry Butcher to thank for that.  On a very limited budget he and his management team did an excellent job

Edinburgh now has more pandas than Premier League clubs.

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All depends on how the 'notice of termination' clause is written. It may well read that  on notice of termination a sum equal to salary to end of contract will be paid. Usually this is paid as a lump sum as in £5 million to David Moyes but if the club doesn't have the cash at hand then they will pay on regular basis until they can sign of the deal. These sort of contracts also happen in other business. Usually for top managers.

The thing about the Butcher case is that he wasn't sacked by the people who hired him but by the new chief exec who decided he wouldn't fit into her way of running a club.

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They obviously didn't put any sacking clauses in his contract (i.e. in the event of relegation). IIRC Moyes was fired as soon as it became mathematically impossible for MU to qualify for Champions League because of such a clause. Another schoolboy error from Petrie and co, although to be fair the odds of it actually happening seemed so remote at the time, I don't blame them.


This would be a good time for Butcher to take a sabbatical away from management. Hopefully he's using the time to write memoirs about his time as ICT / Hibs manager, that would be a cracking read.

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I don't think Petrie can be blamed. Remember ICT were flying and Butcher's stock was high. His negotiating position was such that he and/or his agent were hardly likely to agree to such a clause.

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Hopefully he's using the time to write memoirs about his time as ICT / Hibs manager, that would be a cracking read.

I agree, although he'd undoubtedly word it to make himself look good.

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Most managers contracts are for a fixed term or rolling one year. If he is sacked before the end of his contract term, without an agreed termination clause, his employer is normally only obliged to meet their contractual payments to him as and when they are due. This being the case, a lump sum payment (vastly less than the total sum of the contract remaining)would be negotiated between the parties. It is very unlikely that any club would pay up a contract to the original end date. The fact he was sacked by people who didn't agree his contract is totally irrelevant as the business (club) has the liability .

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What we have to remember is also that Butcher's stock had sunk very low at the club (lost the dressing room etc.) that retaining his services as Manager was hardly an option. If they did not foresee such a slide in the club , and his fortunes, then management must take a large part of the blame for ignoring this possibility and drafting terms in the contract to cover such an eventuality such as his early failure and demise.


It's likely that a negotiated settlement will result because we are sure that Terry Butcher is unlikely to want to  be very difficult about sticking to the very letter of his contract since he failed and doing so  might hurt his future chances of another management post.


He's a talker so maybe the best bet for him is to find a position on T.V. I don't think his prospects of another management job are rosy in the near future, though.

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Sorry for reviving this old thread - well I'm not actually, cos it still makes great reading :laugh:


I was surprised to see the other day that Steve Marsella is still at Hibs - but he has effectively been demoted, now reporting in to Graeme Mathie who Alan Stubbs has brought in to be responsible for scouting and recruitment.


It appears that Stubbs was pretty appalled at the scouting set-up he inherited, saying that player recruitment will no longer be done "based on Wikipedia and one person's opinion."  Ouch!

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Apparently he thought he was getting the Motherwell job. He then wanted more information and then got the impression he wasn't the man they wanted so he's pulled out before he could get rejected. 


St Mirren bound? 

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