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A lovely Xmas gif for your family or friends.

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For the valued members of our Forum, if you are still wondering about what to buy  at this time, why not consider purchasing a copy of our new Fantasy novel, Destinies in Motion? This is NOT a tale for young children but will appeal to ALL ages - as I found out when I first read the manuscript. After realising that, I knew this was a project in which I was prepared to invest a lot of time and work to bring to fruition.


Why not, indeed? :   398 pages (way more than twice the average length of a standard trade-paperback book) packed with a host of often bizarre, but always intriguing and interesting, characters, a lovely glossy colourful cover and a professionally-assisted, critically-acclaimed Interior Design spanning 12 chapters, provides top value for money. Especially when craftily infiltrated by 22 black and white illustrations straight from the mind of the author, my wife Liliya, which individually show how her imagination works, but does not in any way detract from your own ability to visualise these fantastic characters, creatures and scenes within the parameters of your own imaginations.


The print version is a heavy, large novel and looks fantastic as a gift in the hand which could bring hours of fascination and joy into the lives of your friends. The EBOOKS are for Kindle and any other Reader--please see the ORDER page for details.

I assure you, your pals and loved ones will be impressed by this classy production.


So why  "classy"?  Because our fantastic and talented supervisors , Scotty and Don, have done a wonderful job to help us along the way by creating this beautiful, colourful website in collaboration with Liliya and I. And their patience with a petulant and pushy Scarlet, particularly Scotty whose Canadian residence meant I could get to him much more easily by Cariboo-drawn  sleigh, was remarkable and deeply appreciated. Owd Scarlet, as IHE would intone, knows a good thing when he sees it and an opportunity to sit back and enjoy watching the very talented duo work their magic was just the ticket for a lad whose thoughts are now turning more and more to the pipe and slippers. :wink:


Our REVIEWS  page, which I feel speaks for itself,  has just been updated by the 5-star rating (scaled I-5) from  the reviewer from the READERS' FAVORITE webpages  and can be accessed on our website through our undernoted link. Her comments are short and sweet but, frankly, eerily mirror our own thoughts almost exactly. Please check it out for a moment of your time.


So , we cordially invite you to access the website and any purchase you decide to make will be sincerely appreciated. Liliya will also be very happy to  send you a signed personal letter of appreciation if you use the contact box on the website to advise us of your name and address after purchase. And your constructive comments, good or bad, on Destinies in Motion will also be gratefully acknowledged.


Thank you in advance and have a very happy Christmas and New year.


Roderick,  aka S.P.




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A good response so far! Delighted to be of service. Thank you.


And now, for the optional value for money add-ons.      i.e  The BONUSES :


1. Buy one print copy through Amazon (currently on sale in North America for $17.99 U.S.) and you can also download one beautiful and very easy to read Kindle version for $1.99 which is probably about one pound for the download and overall represents a phenomenal deal. This deal should show on the Amazon website , accessed through the link on the ORDER page of our website...

With roughly 30 pages per chapter, if you can read the whole book within two weeks then you will have done very well indeed. The font, by the way, is 12-point Times New Roman.


This means that on both the Kindle and any other Ebook you can read the exact same production as the printed copy, with all the illustrations and the same fonts and formatting, and then use the print version with it's colorful, glossy cover, as a fine gift for your loved ones or friends.


Does that make sense in terms of value? We think so . But, then again, we know what the content is and what a ride you are in for . When editing the book I could not stop myself laughing like a drain in parts and you know what a warped sense of humour Scarlet has... :lol: .  The action starts in the first chapter and you will lose yourself in this fast-paced adventure.


2. If you purchase the print copy you should receive it within days from Amazon. We received the fifty copies, which we purchased initially, by UPS from the printer in North Carolina in the Deep South of America within 2 days!

United parcel service have a phenomenal world-wide delivery operation which is timed and scheduled  to the minute.


AND, if you assure me that you have read it from START to FINISH, but still feel that you have not received value for money I will give you a full refund of your purchase price, but not including any delivery charges . -- with only one proviso:   that you pen a short, constructive critique of the book of around 450 words (say up to 15 lines) and send it to me with your address to which I should send your refund cheque. That way we at least get valid feedback in return. Is that fair.?


3. If you purchase more than one copy at a time and can send me the receipts, then we can chat and we will also give you as good a deal as we can. However, please send us a message first through the CONTACT page on the website which is the quickest way for instant connection and remember to include your CTO user name, email address and home address as well. All taken by us as confidential and in complete confidence.


Have a great read and enjoy the journey.


And have a great Christmas and a very happy and prosperous  new Year.  Kind regards.


Roderick.. aka Scarlet.

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