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I have never understood why they refer to that point of view as "Temperance" since the word means "moderation" whereas what these folk are advocating is total abstinence.

The joys of the English language.  Someone can be awfully pretty or pretty awful yet the meaning is so different.  There are so many words with so many different meanings. I've no idea how folk who have been brought up in a foreign language ever learn to get to grips with ours.  It is a recipe for misunderstanding.


My father would tell a tale of when he was a partner in his firm and was attending a big evening dinner to which better halves were invited.  He was with quite a number of couples when he spotted a junior in the firm all on his own and invited him over.  The lad was an Indian immigrant and after Dad had made the introductions he asked the lad where his wife was.  The lad said she couldn't come because she worked at night.  "What does she do?" someone asked.  "She's a call girl" came the reply.  After a rather embarrased silence it eventually emerged that she worked on a telephone exchange!


I'll drink to temperence meaning moderation.

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Molson still doing well in Canada. Very big. Their favorite beer could be Molson Canadian which is  a nice strong to medium taste and very thirst quenching


The Kanaga Indians hailed from the Hawaiis or some such place and were brought over here as immigrants to work locally here in Maple Ridge. I think, if I remember correctly, that the word Kanaga melded into the word Canada. I'll look it up. :laugh:


My favorite is a new local beer named Ironhorse. Full bodied but not too acrid.  Lovely taste.

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Good morning Veronica


Yes, I am from Inverness, Scotland but I live in British Columbia, Canada in a city named Maple Ridge which is just East of Vancouver which itself is situated on the West Coast, just 100 miles North of the US city of Seattle in Washington State.


I do believe, without looking it up, that St Thomas is in the Bahamas isn't it which is South West of Florida, U.S.A.????

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