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Caley Mad In Berks

Ryder Cup

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I must say I'm looking forward to this coming week-end's Ryder Cup, not without some trepidation.    To me the US team looks much stronger, and they clearly will be desperate to win it after such a long losing run.   Having said that, the US team has looked stronger on paper for the last two or three events, but  Europe has prevailed.

I certainly would have selected Paul Casey as one of my wildcards, instead of the young Belgium lad, Pieters,  and perhaps even Russell Knox instead of Westwood whose recent form hardly justifies his inclusion.  But Clarke, as Captain, obviously has gone for Westwood's experience, and I accept that.

Anyway, I wish all the European team all the best and sincerely hope we can put one over the Americans again.

Bring it on.

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Looks all over for Europe now with the US up in about 5 of the final six matches.   Great golf today though by quite a few of the Europeans.  Just want to say I was totally wrong in my assessment of Pieters.  He turned out to be Europe's star.  Well done to him.  A pity a few more didn't do as well as he did.

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