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Europa league

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So Celtic have lost 5 of their 6 matches in the Champions League group stages with a goal difference of minus 15.  As a result of this magnificent achievement they have "qualified" for the last 32 of the Europa league!  Having been rewarded with pots of money for their failure, Celtic now have the opportunity to earn even more in a different competition.  Doesn't this just illustrate the obscenity  of the way the modern game is structured and financed!  

Instead of having the 8 3rd placed teams from the Champions league gaining a place in the Europa league, this should be an opportunity for more of the teams who started out in the Europa competition to participate in the group stages.  Having 16 groups instead of 12 would have allowed a further 16 teams the opportunity to play in the group stages.  Better still, IMHO, would be to do away with these mini leagues and have more teams competing in a straight knockout basis - a bit like the FA and Scottish cups.  Unfortunately, it's all about the money and the players and the genuine fans from smaller clubs get no consideration.  

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It would be nice if some of the cash earned by Scottish clubs in Europe could find its way into the  game in Scotland somehow.

Maybe used to train Referees or something.

Instead what have we got an F A that can't afford a National stadium.  It looks like Hampden will be lost to the National team.

 A far cry from the Lisburn lions . A few puss-y cats at best.  I suppose the stadium may be taken over by Rugby which seems to be on the up and up in Scotland.

I take no pleasure in this sorry state of affairs.

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I heard about these Lisburn Lions. They moved them to Belfast Zoo to stop them roaming the streets at night. 

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