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Details for streaming home games


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On 10/21/2020 at 10:37 PM, LundavraJag said:

Does anyone know if you have bought two season tickets, one for a brother for example, would you be entitled to two access codes?

For anyone thats interested you need to contact the club and give them a second email address. They will then give you a second code.

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3 minutes ago, ymip said:

I refrained from criticising last week's effort but for a club which needs every penny surely the inability to address the well documented shortcomings is unforgivable. 

Dont think the club have anything to do with it.

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13 minutes ago, aaroncoganshogun said:

No improvement in the quality of product from last Saturday. 

It is very difficult to watch and feels like I am getting a sore head. 

I think I will wait for the highlights on youtube tomorrow and bin the streaming. 

Time to upgrade from 56k dial up mate, borrow some bandwith from your countrymen south of the DMZ.

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