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ICT -V- Motherwell : Matchday Thread

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    [li]Discuss the game in this very thread right here  :004:[/li]
    [li]Get to the chatroom HERE[/li]
    [li]See the subs / bookings / report - after the game starts - HERE[/li]
    [li]At the game ? - Dont forget to vote in the POLL after the game has ended. HERE
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more likely a casualty of the U21 rule !

McDonald, Vigurs, Kerr there because of the U21 rule

Wilson, Niculae and Rankin the 'real subs'

Malkowski there because we have to name a keeper

A lot of talk about Rankin recently so he probably took Proctor's place ......

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Guest BigPieMorayDosser

Bloody hate working Saturday's especially when for me it's virtually a home game.

Can't believe the game's on, given the rain we've had in last 24hrs, (been in Inverness to Huntly today and it aint been pretty). Must be a well drained pitch, or does the Longman Wind do the trick.

Think we're due a high scoring encounter, but I'll be happy with a point (as usual)  :023:

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Have to say I'm glad I'm no running about outside on a day like this. Wet & miserable here in Hopeman.   :020:
slightly off topic,but a woman i used to work with and stays in same street as me is from hopeman,her mother still stays there
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Guest BigPieMorayDosser

moved here, from Edinburgh, over 4 years back. Cracking place to live (if like me yer in yer mid 40's).  No crime, no hassle and a great wee chinese take-away.

Buggar of a drive down to the Central Belt though  :019:

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I complain most weeks that I cant listen to games .... today I wish I couldnt. We sound like s***, no ideas, no clues, no heart, no passion (other than arguing with every decision).

wonder if Brew will make a substitution or two to try and get back into this

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