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Partick -V- ICT : Matchday Thread

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Can't be ersed reading through old (or new) threads but has Golly be handed the armband now he's back? Don't bother flaming me, if you don't like the question don't answer.

Im not too sure. I reckon it would still be munro

I would support a change of captain (as discussed with a few people in the Innes last week who know my reasons for losing faith/respect in our current captain) but not sure Golly should be handed it as he has only just come back to the club and is likely to be a short-term player. Tokes or Russell Duncan for me or even Esson.

Care to share with the rest of us ?

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Adam Rooney to come on.

Can you see into the future.???

Yip. :tonguecheek:

Och ffs, get off Rooney's back will ya, he put the effort in and tryed taking the defender on, said on the radio it was a good challenge from Maxwell.

Some people need to stop criticising the first chance they get.

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Care to share with the rest of us ?

Its simple really, he did not play a captains role last week as far as I am concerned and this has been echoed in other games.

He was one of the few players on the park who should know what a derby is about and I saw nothing from him. He played well enough himself but there was no leadership, no cajoling, no taking the game by the scruff of the neck when we went behind. The cherry on top of the cake for me was that he swore at the fans as he came off the park at the end of the game and despite the fact that he may have been provoked by jibes coming from the stands that is just not professional. His manager appologised for the rotten performance, the captain on the other hands wants to tell those same fans to **** off. sorry, not captain material.

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