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Much has been made about Tansey "leading with his arm". Well if that is violent conduct, every centre half would be sent off on a regular basis. The centre half issue really annoys me as these guys continually foul by leading with their arm but rarely get fouls given against them. As I have said previously, the ref must be a 100% sure before making a decision and he could not possibly have been from the angle he saw this from. All he has done is put 2 and 2 together and not got 4.

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I�ve just had this press release leaked to me from a source close to the SFA.

Violent conduct .

Not worth appealing this one as the ref clearly spots Tansey looking for Samaras before leading with his arm . It's a sending off by the letter of the law , a soft red card but a red card all the same

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Aarghh (twice) - Leading with your arm and looking at the opposition player is evidently not an offence but when you do that with no intent or capability to win the ball - it is.

It wasnt a sending off - it was a booking. Samaras was always in control of the situation, there was never any doubt that he was going to win the header and he was clearly transfixed on doing that. What I am saying is that Tansey's challenge was needless. His challenge was to put Samaras off and was not to win the header. That is why his focus was on Samaras and he raised his arms to try and get height to block - not to win. And lets face it - if he hadnt made contact with the geeks face we wouldnt be having this discussion. In fact if he hadnt launched himself it would have been play on or if he had launched himself without the exertion of raising his arm or simply stood still to block - then he would have got a yellow at the most.

Bottom line is that he created the situation where he put the referee on the spot. He did NOT need to. After that the ref ballsed it all up. You should only go in for such a challenge when you have a chance of getting to the ball.

DC - is that not a clue in itself ?

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It's definitely worth the appeal as they simply do not have any reason on why it should stand. They both went for the ball, Samaras got hurt (Brilliant acting by the way)and conned the foolish referee into sending him off!

Violent conduct? Tansey barely touched the useless Greek with his fingernail let alone his elbow! Ill admit it was maybe worth a yellow but not a red.

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I’ve just had this press release leaked to me from a source close to the SFA. :ohmy:

The SFA’s independent Fast Track Tribunal was convened today in accordance with the Judicial Panel Protocol to consider the appeal lodged in respect of Greg Tansey’s blatantly violent conduct during Saturday’s Inverness Thingamybob v Glorious Glasgow Celtic match.

The new Fast Track system was set up in order to reject appeals from wee teams far more quickly than before, and it ensures that we continue to provide them with SFA justice.

The SFA is delighted to confirm that the red card issued to the player will not be overturned, and our only regret is that we can’t somehow pin this one on Ross Tokely. And believe me, we tried.

The referee’s match report noted that the Highland thug launched a rapid and unprovoked assault on poor Georgios Samaras comprising an elbow in the face, followed a double uppercut, a karate kid style crane kick and then to add insult to injury, a humiliating wedgie. Brave Georgios was miraculously able to continue with the game after only a few minutes rolling around.

The speed of the attack on Samaras was too fast to be properly recorded by any recording equipment present at the crappy little ground, but still images captured clearly show Tansey “looking at him in a funny way” followed a few seconds later by the victim having more than one hair out of place. The referee has provided some crayon sketches to fill the gaps, which conclusively prove his version of events.

Comments made by manager Terry Butcher after the match in which he called into question the rigourousness of the appeals process are not considered helpful by the SFA, and we would like to take this opportunity to clarify how the tribunal works.

Firstly, Butcher’s description of it as a “kangaroo court” is entirely inaccurate, as there are no marsupials on the panel. Instead, we hand pick a specially selected panel of anonymous and unaccountable stooges who we can rely on to reach the verdict we have already instructed.

We can however reveal that out of sympathy for a team who is putting vital money into our coffers with all these appeals, we ensured that the panel was chaired by someone with strong Highland connections – a direct descendent of the Duke of Cumberland, who we understand to be revered and respected by all teuchters for his role in making them civilised, although there’s evidently a long way to go, bunch of bloody savages.

We also considered an application to join the panel from a Mr Dalneighcaley, but internet research revealed his opinions on the incident were far too sympathetic and reasoned to be suitable for us. But we did like his point that Butcher himself used the term “assault” and gave him a much needed green dot. Blimey, that poor fella’s picked up more reds than ICT.

Then, to help the panel achieve the predetermined outcome, they are provided with a special report on the incident from the match referee. This report takes the form of a thorough questionnaire, comprising only the question “Are you an incompetent buffoon who is guilty of spoiling Scottish football for fans everywhere?” Mr O’Reilly no doubt gave the matter all the consideration it deserved before ticking the “No” box and handing the form back to our new compliance officer, Mr Lennon.

So stuff you Butcher. And I can tell you now, your boys ain’t getting a penalty until the A9 is fully dualled.

Janice my dear, can you do your usual, check the spelling and take out all the controversial bits.

And don’t release this for another day or two, we need to give the impression that we have actually reviewed the incident.

Oh, and I was thinking. With the latest £1,000 that these mugs have just sent us, why don’t I sneak you away for another night of hanky panky at Gleneagles? That Tansey/Samaras stuff has inspired me for a bit of role play. If you wear my Celtic shirt, I would stroke your cheek, you could go down instantly and I’d have to go for an early bath. Fancy it?

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Would just like to bring to everyone's attention that Donnie Matheson from D&E coaches has donated cash to cover the ?1000 appeals fee and also TB's travel costs (including a driver if needed) for the appeal in Glasgow.

Full story here: http://ictfc.com/news/club-news/278-appealing-gift

Nice one Donnie / D&E Coaches : http://www.decoaches.co.uk/

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For the 2 that red dotted my post why not come out and say why you deemed it necessary instead of hiding behind the pathetic anonymous dot system ?

What about those who troll behind anonymous usernames? rolleyes.gif

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Brilliant Yngwie - couldnt have done better maself :twothumbsup:

As fer Donnie - bet he had a feckin sore head when he woke up in the morning. The sun had evidently gone to his napper. I also heard that his wife slapped him in the face when he told her and he went down like a sack of Greek coals.

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Looking back at the incident, Tansey did " look " at said sack of Greek potatoes, before trying to challenge in the air for the ball. Looking into the sun, the referee probably say the " look " from Greg, but when looking up towards the challenge couldnt see exactly what happened, but with Greek potato instantly clutching has face after the air rifle bullet caught him in the shoulder, the ref added the equation together, nil nil glasgow celtic lennon must win game and came up with the perfect answer. RED CARD. Now seeing the live footage, and numerous pictures in the papers it is obvious that no elbow was used, the momentum of both players resulted in Greg Tansey's hand raising due to the connection between the two players. A simple foul, no yellow card, no booking, no red card, no spoiling of the game.

However, I bet that all the live footage replays and photographs are probably banned from the appeal, as they may influence the decision of those representing Celtic, sorry the SPL.

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Fast Track Player Reference received

from sfa website:-

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The following Fast Track Player Reference has been received, and will be dealt with by a Fast Track Tribunal on Thursday, November 24:

Player: Gregory Tansey, Inverness Caledonian Thistle.

Match: Inverness Caledonian Thistle v Celtic, Saturday, November 19.

Case: Claim of Wrongful Dismissal for violent conduct.

Going by Rossco and Hoggmeister's appeals, we should know early afternoon, possibly between 12:30 and 14:00.

Come on Fleming, do the decent thing :shrug:

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At last! Must say I'm surprised, but delighted, that the authorities have at last showed a bit of common sense by ruling in our favour.

Doesn't help our league position however, in as much as it virtually guaranteed us losing 3 points in a game we showed we were well up for until the sending off.

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