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Supporters Trust AGM 2021

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The AGM of the Supporters Trust took place on December 9th with members present both in person and on-line.  

Lynne Macdonald had decided not to seek re-election and was thanked for her valuable contribution to the Board.  But whilst Lynne is stepping down from the Board, we were pleased to welcome John West onto the Board as a new member.  Also, Alison McInnes who had been co-opted onto the Board last year is now an elected member of the Board. The current Board members are now: Jennifer Aitchison, Laura Grant, Alison McInnes, Peter Mutton and John West.

We were pleased to report on a significant increase in the membership, albeit  from a low base.  Increasing the membership remains a top priority because the higher the membership is, the more credibility the Trust has with the club as a representative mouthpiece for the wider body of supporters.

Members present showed support for the Trust Board's representations to the club in promoting a dedicated area where those who wish can stand and be encouraged to give vocal support to the team.  We are also keen to pick up on earlier proposals for improved facilities for disabled supporters.  The Board will continue to seek constructive engagement with the club on these issues and will press them on resuming the fans focus group initiative. 

Supporters wishing to join or to find out more about the Supporters Trust can do so here.

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