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I remember him well. It's not often a customer buys a trike then comes back 2 weeks later looking for stabilisers 

Would have suited you then CB ?

So it must be the junction of Telford Street and Harrowden Road, before the roundabout was built? Can't remember it, yet I would have passed it so many times.

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Nope - it is a jail need a ground where scraps were a plenty in the 70's !!



hasnt changed much either




Is this in inverness?


Try a neighbouring Premiership home.



Anyone reading this thread next season will presume you must mean Perth!

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My old village


You do like being in the right "end" don't you IHE .... :wink: Another place that hasnt changed much, although the vantage point where the photographer stood is a bit more overgrown and populated now  

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This is longman airfield where you can clearly see the gasometer and the chimney from the old power station on Factory Street and Craig Dunain hill in the background.

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