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Shock-Photo, etc. of the Wildfire in Alberta, Canada,

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Dear Friends
So we think we have problems here in British Columbia, Canada ? Why, all we have to worry about is the undoubtedly inevitable”Big One”earthquake, now 25 years overdue, which will in all probability wipe out all our wooden–built houses, all high rise buildings and any other structure that has not been seismically strengthened by the attachment in their basements of huge spring- loaded absorbers of strain and vibration sunk into concrete....such as schools.
But this article and footage shows clearly what is happening to the community of Fort McMurray, in the oil sands district of  ALBERTA  (the easterly province adjacent to B.C.)
If you scroll down a couple of pages after you open the above link you will see an awesome photo of the size and intensity of this out-of-control wildfire, now spreading rapidly into the adjacent Province of Saskatchewan and now being attacked by over 500 firefighters from all over Canada and the U.S. and a few  (15) water bombers plus helicopters dropping huge baskets of water on the fire.
The town has now evacuated over 80,000 folks who had to escape by running the roads right through the massive fire on either side of them. The smoke and burning fragments , driven by high winds, showered the roads and the cars as they fled for their lives through the smoke  which made viewing the road ahead extremely hazardous and difficult to navigate.  One driver said that he could feel the heat through the sides of his car. One firefighter captain on the became very emotional stating that some of his buddies had worked for 40 hours without!
This huge fire has now grown to some 200,000 hectares of tinder-dry forested land (approximately 1800 square kilometers) and it is estimated will not stop growing until it is well over 2,000 square Kilometers (Just imagine a huge fire some 500 kilometres long by 4 miles wide!!) AND until heavy rain  comes out of the Pacific heading East. The chances of that happening are currently remote with last year being the hottest year on record in Canada.
Appeals to the public for donations to the Red Cross to help with the clothing, baby supplies, accommodation, refurbishment, food, water, fuel and other necessities  to the residents who have  fled , and probably lost everything, have been successful and now have risen to $50,000,000 (fifty million dollars ), a figure which will be matched 100% by the Federal Government for a grand total right now of at least $100,000,000. The Insurance companies are supposed to re-build houses but it is suggested on T V that that might take years to settle so the money has to come from somewhere.  
So the daily news is consumed by  this story and little else in the world matches it. Last year there were many additional wild fires in the Pacific North West here in B.C. and the adjacent United States  all attributed to global warming and it is not expected to abate with British Columbia being unable to send any firefighters to help in Alberta because they are all tied up  working on  the many new fires that have started up again in this Province this year already .
Bye for now
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