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Player Sponsorship - Draw (2016/17)


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Here are the draw results for 2016/17 season to see who receives Liam Polworth's signed shirt and the other gift from this season just past. 



The names in the hat for each of the seasons are based on the members who joined the sponsorship group each year (see topic linked below). The draw itself is conducted using a random generator website (www.randompicker.com). We have used this same site to conduct all our draws over the years, and have also successfully conducted several test draws on the current data that completed without any issues. The draw is completely and utterly random and no-one on CTO or within ICT has any influence or control over the names that come up. This is important to note as there are people connected with the club and with CTO who have subscribed and are therefore eligible and who will not be excluded from the draw.

If anyone has any concerns or questions about this process please feel free to PM me or mention it in the thread below. 

2016-17: List of participants

2016-17 Draw Result on the randompicker website


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Well done TM4TJ - You had multiple memberships for the sponsor's draw and 2 of them came up. never seen that before, but as its totally random then it can happen. I have sent a PM to let you know how to go about collecting the stuff. 

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