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46 minutes ago, RiG said:

Not sure how to sort that American Football issue. Will see if our technical guru @Caley Stan can fix that...

Had a look, and it appears most Football podcasts fall into the Handegg category. Seen a couple Man Utd, Spurs, Everton pods show up there...and there's no "soccer" category

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Nice one guys. The Coventry accent is a rare breed never to be reproduced by any comic or soap opera act :lol: as the Sky Blues fans point out in their song.." In our Coventry homes, We speak with an accent exceedingly rare, You want a cathedral we've got one to spare, In our Coventry homes... "

Good answer my question though even though it was, kind of, tongue in cheek :twothumbsup:

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18 hours ago, Moogthurso said:

Thanks great listen. 


Can't believe it wouldn't be Doran top of list too be kept at end of season.


Glad you liked it. I was very surprised when asking folk who to keep that Doran didn't get more of a mention!

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Looking forward to it Suv. This pod is leading way with ICT content and is head and shoulders above any other ‘fan’ podcast covering ICT. Must be down to the guys asking the right questions 😜

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21 hours ago, alternative maryhill said:

Really appreciate the feedback guys - thanks. Part 2 is a cracker too - Carlo and Greg were brilliant. 

Excellent banter and really gave me a chuckle. Can’t wait for part 2 keep up the brilliant work 

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