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Felt sure I posted up the Joker entitlement for this season but it would appear not. :hiding02:

Your Joker can be played in any game including bonus points games. Just note that any bonus points won will not be doubled.

So here it is:-

Gringo        3

Caley Mad in Berks        2 1
caleycalum        2
CDN Girl        2
Doofer        2
Ictross        2
JodieC95        2
MrCaleyjag        2
Mrs Gringo        2
old caley girl        2

Robert        2  1

bauhaus        1
bughtmaster        1
Caley Braveheart        1
CaleyCanary        1
caleyjag        1
caleymac        1
Cal's Thistle        1
crownjaggie        1
DoofersDad        1
JockWatt        1
Joonya        1
Kingsmills        1
lilmissictbabe        1
Mrs Bauhaus        1
RedCard        1
Scotty        1
SOS        1
Tichy_Blacks_Back        1

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Ah..no wonder I couldn't find it, thanks @Robert I should have put it in a separate thread but guess I was just being lazy :ponder:

At least it's up to date now and easier to find (and edit) :twothumbsup:

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