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Discuss ICT & other games in this thread as they happen
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Inverness CT -V- Ross County

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4th Oct 2014 @ 12:45PM Caledonian Stadium
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....Meekings long throws were brilliant and have to be used more often.

On the other hand DD, we could have been out of site in the second half and County were lucky to get a point. It's not the first game this season that we have had to turn around a dismal first half pe

A guy close to me was questioning why the pitch was being watered.  He said they would be better painting arrows on the grass to show the team which way to kick the ball!

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Jim Muckinbyre has only lost once to ICT in his 10 games as an opposition manager. We have only used 16 players this season. And this game is getting as boring as this game. Stalemate and terrible final pass.

Oops Feck - that surely was Brills ball and Meekings was sleeping !!

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This has the fell of a two touch training game. Unfortunately our second touch goes to a Tink. Quinn misses another sitter and it should be 0-3 at least. And Arquin misses another. Brill did well but thankfully both attempts were woeful. They are in total command.

No joke but when was the last time that wee Billy touched the ball ?

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Quite happy to reach half-time only 1 goal down, it could and should have been so much worse.

Our passing has been abysmal and our front 4 anonymous, too many players hiding. I'd hook Doran or Watkins and bring on Williams.

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