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Will We Stay Up?



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  1. 1. Who will be relegated from the SPL?

    • ICT
    • Falkirk
    • St. Mirren

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We've only lost 4 of the last 14 game. That I suppose is a positive!

BUT, it's the last game of the season and I think I will be needing a new underwear by the end of the game.

If we stay up there will be tears....if we go down there will be tears.

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We're as good as f**ked I fear. If we stay up, it'll be entirely down to Butcher. If we go down, then heads must roll at board level.

Next Saturday is not going to be a pleasant experience.

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If Butcher plays his best players and stops this same team crap we might stay up.

Proctor is rubbish and will get owned by Mcann, Mcbain is not being played in favored area, Fraser is off and should not be played.

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well if butcher decides to go with another risky line up then i fear the worse. If we go down then i fear we will loose a few good players and possibly stay down. if we go down say goodbye to foran, kerr, vigurs, definitely 100% black, esson, morais and so on.

next saturday is make or break, if we don't win say goodbye to the SPL for a wee while.

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I am a confirmed miserable old git, but...

we have to go to the game get 100% behind the team. We cheer them on, encourage them, sing as loud as possible and if that fails, then we can start the repercussions.

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I cant believe the worst case scenario has happened today

Weve got to try & be positive from here on

Killie got nothing from us all season ................ Today 3 points

ICT got nothing all season from Motherwell......... Wednesday 1 point

So if this pattern is to continue ......................SATURDAY WE'LL WIN :mellow: :D


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I think we will stay up. We MUST get behind the team bur i fear that like usual most people will sit and do nothing. I would also like to see fraser out the team and esson in as i see him as one of the few players who genuinely care.

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Falkirk - I'm not voting for my team, was tempted to say Midden but that would mean Falkirk beating us and I don't think my heart could possibly cope with that. We can beat Falkirk, we've shown under Buthcer that we are able to win. Believe.

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