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Bar for Celtic (away)

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We received the following at our contact email address .... just posting here for reference, supporters can make up their own mind ......

The Mailcoach

510 Hamilton Road



G71 7SG

0141 771 1234

0141 771 1569

The Mailcoach is a friendly Bar/Restaurant sitting just off the M73&M74.We are only 15 minutes from Celtic Park. We would like to invite your supporters bus for pre match food and drinks on your Glasgow visits.

we can offer you a 2 course meal for £5.95 comprising of:

Soup of the Day with Bread Roll

Steak Pie with Potatoes and Veg


Breaded Haddock with Chips and Peas

Also available is our special "supporters only" snack menu at fantastic prices. Our friendly staff will be happy to extend a warm Glasgow welcome.

Large groups can book on the day from the bus. Kids also catered for.

We wish your team every success in this years season.

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i had dinner in there recently, very nice place but its a bit out of the way and a fair bit from Celtic Park, may suit the supporters bus if it ever gets down the road at a decent time :wink:

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Yeah, though I don't know the place itself I know roughly where that is (cos I used to work in the East End). The 15 minutes is definitely not walking time!

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I was born in Uddingston and lived there most of my life, my parents still live in that area so I know it very well. I've never been in the mailcoach but have been informed that it is a reasonably nice place which serves nice food. If you enter the postcode and look at the satellite image on google map you will see that right next to the mailcoach is a sand quarry, between that and the mailcoach is a landfill sight which stinks. If the wind is blowing the right way it's fine as the stench gets blown away from you but if it doesn't its disgusting. That's why I've never been in it. To make matters worse there is also a sewage works nearby, which to be honest only stinks occasionally, there is a crematorium to but thats ok. Prior to the landfill It used to be quite posh and exclusive and I got the impression that football supporters would not be welcome at any time. It's no short walk either, It's at least three and a half miles away from the selik park. The bus service would get you there ok but I would suggest that somewhere nearer would be a better bet for you.

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...right next to the mailcoach is a sand quarry, a landfill sight which stinks...If the wind is blowing the stench gets disgusting...to make matters worse there is also a sewage works nearby which stinks...there is a crematorium to.

Brilliant! I'm guessing you don't work for their marketing department.

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I wonder if they'll respond to bigjohn's comments. Measured it on Autoroute at 4.5 miles so you'd be doing well to drive it in 15 minutes.

The aroma of landfill stench, sewage works and burning dead bodies isn't a winner for me either.

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I genuinely feel sorry for the owners of the Mailcoach as it's not their fault and they are only doing what they can to generate business to keep the business afloat. The owners of the landfill apparently use the latest methods to suppress the smell but it still stinks. I drove past it last week on the M74 and it was rank. I'm not trying to drive away business from the mailcoach but would hate for you all to come down and have a horrible experience and then have about an hours walk to get to the stadium.

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