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Scotland Squad v Serbia &Macadonia

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It's just a real pity that we don't have our £14m striker wanting to play for us. A small nation needs to have its all its best players fully commited to have any chance of doing anything. Do other countries have this problem? It's one thing for players in their 30's to decline call-ups to concentrate on club football, but to have top players throwing the rattle out like Duncan Ferguson did in the 90s is so disappointing.

Croatia are top seeds but have you seen the crop of players Belgium have these days, and the clubs they play for? Scary.

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Looks like MacGregor is fit to play so that is a bonus

I agree about the Levein/Fletcher feud. Can only go by whats in the press but it sounds like a battle of egos with neither wanting to back down

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This is the line up I expect:






It's far from ideal, but Levein's hands are tied - I have no idea what he will do if Berra doesn't make it. Caldwell's presence in midfield is basically enforced by the absence of Brown and Fletcher but I thought he performed well there against Australia, providing much needed cover for our ropey centre back pairing and recklessly attacking full-backs. Adam and Morrison are obvious choices in the middle although I would like to see Adam drop deeper to look for the ball - he's so much better when he has time and space to pick his pass. We have good options in wide areas but the inclusion of Mackie and Naismith is more about their defensive qualities and tactical discipline than anything else - we have more pace and creativity on the bench in Forrest and Phillips and they can be introduced later in the game if required but given our dodgy back line I think Levein is right to priorities solidity throughout the team. I'm almost certain he'll play Kenny Miller despite claiming to be considering Rhodes and I think it's clear why. Miller offers so much to the team overall with his running and link up play and we just can't afford to play a striker without those attributes at the moment.

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Morrison-Adam-Naismith McCormack


Think having Caldwell in the holding midfeild role frees up Charlie Adam to play like he can.

Most my attackers are high energy players with great work rate. They for me are the most important players.

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