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Till I die

They are all from the Inverness Facebook pages but many of the foggies don't get it so I post them for their perusal.

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7 hours ago, snorbens_caleyman said:

All you have to do is ask!

From Alex Main's centenary history "Caley All The Way".     (If you are the copyright holder and object, please let me know.)


The team is listed a couple of pages later in the book, and matches your line-up perfectly.

Nice to see "Porridge" MacKintosh in both photos.  I remember his daughter from, I guess, primary school. She was called Roberta, but more often, like her father, she was "Bobby"!


Thanks for that.  I'd totally forgotten about Alex Main's book.  I actually have a copy of it somewhere.  Anyway I'm pleased I remembered the line up accurately  Good to know that a few of the grey cells still work.

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Re Caley Mad in Berks photo  remember some of them

Back row Bobby Bolt, Peter Mackinnon (who was married to my next door neighbour's daughter and lived  there for a short while). Pete was a very nice person, kind and generous and very friendly and always acknowledged me no matter what. He ended up in a HOME and , sadly. has now passed on into the Spirit world. Bless your good heart Peter.   I hope I have the honour and joy of meeting you again one day.

Is that MacBeth on the front row extreme left perchance? Then Jamieson, Jupie Mitchell and Ginger Mackenzie?

Cheers. What a great photo. That brings back some very early memories for me Thanks!

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Yep! IHE. Mighty trees from little acorns grow. Imagine that team  being the precursor to Caley winning  the Scottish cup. It's almost unbelievable isn't it?

BUT, as I look back and get really nostalgic, I only remember that these teams through my very young, starry eyes (maybe 13 to 14 years old), were the best in Scotland.


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