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I thought you had airbrushed him in 😂

Help! One I knew and I was too late. I was brought up in Corpach!

It is indeed the B9006 at Leanach, between Culloden Moor and the railway. That field and the housing estate used to be an airfield!   I assume you have heard of the legendary Captain Fresson and

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That's west to a not so busy Thurso harbor, the church tower in the town center stands out like a sore thumb!

How about compromising on north-west because that's just about where Thurso is in relation to Wick so I suppose "down the road" indeed isn't quite right. It's more like "up ee rodd" :laugh:

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I love this phottie



The picture in post 1 reminds me of modern day Essaouira in Morocco. (Game of thrones fans may recognise it)



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Invergordon with a floating dock and the size of the ship I think that must be WW2.

I think it may be WW1. Invergordon opened as a naval base just as WW1 began and survived right through to the 1950s. But the general style of the ships, especially with the cross yards on the masts, is more reminiscent of WW1. It's difficult to get an idea of scale, but I'm wondering if the ship in the floating dock may be one of the earlier Dreadnoughts with 8 x 12 inch guns. Mind you I'd be happier with my WW1 suggestion if I could make out more detail of funnels on the big ship.

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