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5 hours ago, Kingsmills said:

And we desperately need a 25 a season striker, or better still 2.

Ah, the good old days of Wyness and Ritchie in their pomp - they were a formidable pairing but the likes of a potent striking duo like that don't come around too often unfortunately.

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On ‎10‎/‎21‎/‎2018 at 10:45 AM, Weekend Hacker said:

All been said.  Draws and indiscipline could cause us a real problem at the back end.  And we desperately need a 25 a season striker, or better still 2. That said, Austin and Oakley were really causing problems for defences before injuries so the sooner they are fit the better.


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23 hours ago, Kingsmills said:

A single 25 goal a season striker, far less 2, is a forlorn hope.What we do need is for the forwards we have to be more mobile and more clinical.

White does not seem to have that in his armoury. Time to give the others a chance

Well you are correct about a 25 goal striker being a forlorn hope, because past history tells us that there has only been 1 player who has managed to achieve 25 league goals in the Scottish Championship in the past 10 seasons.

Stevie May whilst with St Johnstone got 25 league goals.

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United look like a different team compared to last season and we were holding on a fair bit in the first half with Mckay blocking a couple of goal bound shots with some desperate lunges. 

Disappointing to concede goal from a set piece. Looks like Tremarco was beaten in the air although given the height disparity between him and the United player it didn't seem particularly clever having them lined up against each other (from our PoV anyway). Bit of a lucky equaliser from us but we'll take it. Think we should have had a penalty for the foul on Doran. The highlights don't show it as well as the view we had behind the goals but the United player comes through him to try and get the ball and even then I don't think he actually gets a touch on the ball anyway. Think Donaldson was a bit unlucky to get a second yellow. Good to see him still bamming up the home support though and getting them frothing. 

Happy with a draw but again concerned at how poor we are up front and how little we create. United will be disappointed they didn't quite force a second goal.

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