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Hi all

Scotty has been doing his utmost to keep this site running as smoothly as possible despite all that life throws at him. He does a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes that we don't all see. However, over the last few seasons we have a backlog of stats/data etc that need input/updated. We have managed to pretty much update all matches/goals/scorers involving ICT but there is so much more to be done.

Here's where you all come in. Anyone who can work a computer can probably contribute something. Over the years we find that despite promises of assistance, it usually gets forgotten about and it boils down to one or two to keep things ticking over.

If you have some time on your hands and are able to offer some assistance, no matter how minute, please let us know on this topic, mods as well. It will pretty much be adding or updating stats, probably a lot of stuff you don't even realise is on this site. Stuff like

League tables


Player bios


PotY poll



Matchday stuff

To be honest, it's an infinite list and we need help, not just the promise of it, and its needed now as some stuff requires action asap.

Anyway, Scotty will be able to define everything that needs done and he is wonderful at providing tutorials for these.

Thanks for reading.



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Let me put a little flesh on the bones of what TM4TJ is referencing to help users know if they can help. 

First and foremost, we are always interested to hear from people with knowledge or expertise in PHP, SQL, or CSS. I can get there in the end but I would not call myself an expert! Right now I could do with some assistance in different areas of the site in each of those 3 areas. Can go into more detail with anyone who is interested. This is all behind the scenes stuff for site aesthetics or to make some of the integrated software work better and not front-facing stuff like match reports or writing. 

For the front-facing stuff, here's a little more info:

  • League tables
    This is fairly simple as it just involves adding the league results as they come in. We have a program where this data is entered and it takes about a minute or two. On a scale of difficulty 1-10 its about a 1.
  • Results
    Same as for the tables. We have a program where the ICT results are added and although it takes a bit more effort and requires more data like team lines, opposition players/managers etc it is still pretty straightforward. It is important this data is entered correctly as this forms the basis of our stats. Its maybe a 3 or 4 on the difficulty scale, not because of complexity but because it takes a little longer and requires attention to detail. 
  • Player bios
    This uses the same database as the results/stats. Its one of those things that needs constant attention as we hope to keep player bios and their careers up to date even if a player is no longer at ICT. Within the player bios there is the option to show other teams played for and/or international caps. I feel this would be a good fit for anyone interested in the threads about former ICT players scoring or making appearances as these could all be added to the profile data. It could also be multiple people with different areas of focus.  Also looking for many photos here. 
  • Strips
    This is a new one added this year. I was playing around with the stats code behind the scenes and managed to get this section more or less working so now we are looking for images (photos) of all our various kits and - more crucially - 3D renderings of them (or someone who could create them). I know my limitations and that goes beyond them. The idea is to bring this page into the current century! If we cant get 3D style renderings like 11.jpgthen someone to help with 2D versions like 8.png would be equally great. If anyone is interested, let me know and I can give more examples or info. 
  • PotY poll
  • Previews
  • Reports
  • Matchday stuff
    For each of the bullets above we have templates or previous examples that can be used each week to help format the data. The big ones are the previews and reports. Is ideally suited to those who like writing or want to practice these skills. 

Bottom line - as TM4TJ says - there is an almost infinite number of areas where we need help or are willing to listen to suggestions for new features users may be interested in. 'lurkers' who read the site but never post are also welcome to come forward and help .. you can remain in the background 🙂  



  • Programme Covers
    If anyone has programme covers they can scan for any season we can also add these to the matches. like this image on the right. Size should be max 600x800 pixels and preferably jpg format.


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