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NPL 2022-23 Season Stats


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NPL Stats – 2022/23

 Total individual entries: 921

 Total correct HT:  189

 Total correct FT: 67

 Total correct 1st Scorer ICT:  176

 Total correct 1st Scorer Opp:  142

 Crowd - 10 pts: 3

 Crowd  - 5 pts: 221

 Highest individual points tally: 

 Most correct HT:    18  MrCaleyjag

Most correct FT:  6  DoofersDad, Gringo, Ictross

Most correct 1st Scorer ICT:  12  Robert, caleycalum, Ictross

 Most correct 1st Scorer Opp:  –  10  Robert; MrCaleyjag

Most correct Crowd - 10 pts:  – 1  CaleyCanary, caleycalum, Scotty

 Most correct Crowd  - 5 pts:  – 20  old caley girl

The 100% club (entered all 49  games):-



Jodie Carnie



Mrs Gringo



But there's only one stat' that really matters....



Gringo :party:


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