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Brewster in Salzburg

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Although not in the CB fanclub I do think this topic is unfair. As stated above everyone is entitled to holidays and nobody not even football managers works 52 weeks a year. Surely this qualification can only benefit the club.

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Well said Alex (although I think the minimum holiday entitlement is 20 days not 28!)

Edit : I believe it went up to 24 days last year, but that includes public holidays.

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The working time directive was 20 days excluding weekends which actually gives 28 days. The minimum stat days is 4 though most employers give 8. Thats all of topic though. I just get so p!ssed off reading so much negativity before the new season has even begun. Whatever happened to the ICT motto 'Pride of the Highlands'. or even 'We Believe'.

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Anyway, can anyone explain why this UEFA Pro license has been made mandatory?

Surely it is up to each club whether they employ a qualified or unqualified manager, an experienced manager or one in his first job, a good manager or a bad manager etc.

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Guest TinCanFan

I want people at TFC games to know who ICT are when I mention the name or wear my ICT baseball cap or strip to a game,

I can personally guarantee that there are 4 other people at most games (besides you and I) who know ICT.  They've had to put up with my yammerings over the years.  :004:

I definitely think we have both educated a few people over the last couple of seasons ...... and this Saturday Big Stew's education about Toronto FC will be entering its next stage  :004:

Who or what is "Big Stew"?

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