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Radio Scotland "Caley Thistle 1 Year Special"

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A really good interview - strongly recommend that anyone who didn't hear it should try to find it on iPlayer. TB came across as so enthusiastic about the squad, the players and the lifestyle Inverness offers. He must speak better than just about any manager working in Scotland at the moment. Genuine admiration from all the pundits too - we're definitely starting to get some appreciation for what we've achieved so far this season, from the Beeb at least.

The best bit, though, was the compilation of the Sportsound commentaries of all our winning goals, and the equalisers against the old firm: I was dancing about while washing the dishes.

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The Chick Youngs of the world are paid to spout p!sh. During a programme about ICT and Butcher the news filters through about McGhee so immediately the programme makers tout the person they are praising. Just a shame they didn't depress the clutch and engage the right gear. Why the hell would Terry Butcher choose a team whose last success was in 1983, and who's reputation and security is nearing rock bottom, for a team heading for european football???

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Will definitely have a listen. Tuned in too late only to find Chick Young touting Butcher for the Aberdeen job!! Hands off.

As above, that idea is so laughable. I know that Chic Young likes to come across as the Daft Laddie of Scottish football, but that is an idea so lacking in any thought that it is an insult to his listeners. Butcher knows where he is best.

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The podcast of this show doesnt seem to have the interview ? It has a bit atr the start with him angrily having a go at the guy from the SPL who called off the games then the rest of the pdcast seems to focus on Aberdeen.

couldnt find it on iPlayer and the sportsound pages - if i remember correctly - said it was not available on iPlayer, probably because it was on MW.

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