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Discuss ICT & other games in this thread as they happen
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Ross County -V- Inverness CT

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25th Oct @ 7:45PM

Global Energy Stadium, Dingwall

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this seems oddly appropriate now !!!!

I am reliably informed that the Adams family are looking to the experience of one of their relatives to sort this all out.  

I have long suspected that, sooner or later, Derek Adams would seethe so much he would blow a fuse.

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Devine was tried at Perth and that went bits up. Ross, will be wide midfield I reckon, but it's not his best spot.


I'm taking the soft option tonight, watching on TV.

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Aye, looks like we are starting to get to grips with the game after a slow start and we are looking the likeliest to go on and score, however, take nothing for granted, it's a derby, it's wet, and it's dark and on TV.

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Sad. But this happened to bigger clubs and better stadiums before. I just hope the ref can repeat his performance of tonight, it was a nice surprise to see someone competent for a change.

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How disappointing was that? We certainly shaded the first half.  Perhaps its just as well we were not a couple of goals up at half time.  Just imagine how peed off we'd we feeling now?


Must say I thought their pitch looked great despite the atrocious weather.  So much better than last season.  Uncle Roy must have spent a bit of money on it, and got himself a decent groundsman.

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