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Kilmarnock -V- Inverness C.T.


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Discuss ICT & other games in this thread as they happen
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Kilmarnock -V- Inverness CT

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14th Sep @ 3:00PM

Rugby Park, Kilmarnock

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no coverage this year.  think CaleyD posted in a previous thread.

Oh....i missed that post. So.....theres no live coverage of most SPFL games these days? Is it only Open All Mics that Scottish fans have to tune into?

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Was worried the National break would kill the momentum but it was not the case, Killie seems to be a bit of happy hunting ground for us and we took advantage of their poor home form. Crackin result and we are yet to be moved at the top...Chase is welcomed  :wink: .


Well done to Terry and the Boys.  :ictscarf:

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These breaks never seem to do anything good for us but a win is a win plus three more points on the board.


I am very impressed with Brill, unfortunate deflection beat him, I like the way he commands the box and the defence as a whole.He is a better form of Reguerro imo.


IHE you said in an early post that he appeared cumbersome going down., I agree but it is only to ensure he gets his body behind the ball, I have no worries there He is quick to get down and the ball stays with him and that is what matters.


Glad the break is over and well done ICT. :ictscarf:

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