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Aberdeen -V- Inverness C.T.


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Aberdeen -V- Inverness CT

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21st Sep @ 3:00PM

Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen

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How disappointing.  I suppose it had to happen sooner or later.  But it doesn't ease the pain of defeat.


Now it will be up to Terry and the management team to keep up the morale of the team so that they treat this as a mere blip, and not a significant turning point.


A convincing win in midweek at Dundee and another at home to Hibs next week should be enough to rebuild their confidence and keep us on track for a great season.

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Reality check today by sounds of the commentary. We will know later when those who were at the match post their comments but it sounded as if we were well and truly sussed out with our attacking moves i.e. playing to Richie Foran's strengths with the angled ball in, It also sounded that we were too predictable in midfield and the Dons capitalised on this.


If so and I wont know till later when the posts come in then our attack has got to have more variation in it. Only when they got the goal and we had that slap on the face did it sound as if we were putting in the required effort. Hopefully I am wrong about this but if I have got it right then there is no more room for complacency in future, it must be back to the ICT that shocked the pundits and back to the winning ways


In no way am I being negative here I am only making comment on what I listened to. A really positive aspect was our Briil keeper, today he proved to all the doubters that he is a shot stopper, a complete all rounder in fact and that is rare in a keeper.


Still top of the league and still the chance to beat Celtic at our ground so come on ICT do your stuff. :ictscarf:

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Really poor game especially from an ICT point of view. We lacked any real urgency to try and score aside from the last few minutes when we were already losing. Aberdeen probably edged the first half in that they had the better chances to score but we perhaps had more of the ball. Hayes was whipping in some great corners for the Dons players to attack and Brill looked sharp to turn a couple of efforts away. I don't think we would have had many complaints if Aberdeen went in one up at the break. I can't really recall anything of note from Inverness in the first half in an attacking sense. Doran and Ross did okay when they rarely got ball in wide areas but they seemed to get bypassed as ball after ball was punted towards a very isolated Mckay. Draper probably had our best chance when he hit a tame effort to Langfields left post.


We started the second half a wee bit better than Aberdeen and had a couple of half chances before the game went back to a bit of a midfield scrap. Only a couple of things worth talking about in the second half. The goal was an excellent piece of skill by Vernon. Controlling the ball under pressure from behind he quickly spun and rifled a shot past Brill into the next. After this we suddenly seemed like we wanted to try and score and the game became very open as we pressed for an equaliser and Aberdeen looked to exploit us on the counter. Best chance fell to Meekings or Warren who headed goalwards and it seemed to come off someone on the line perhaps even an ICT player but I couldn't see well from the other end of the pitch.


Overall no significant grumbles about the result just very disappointing that we played so poorly. There seemed to be a complete lack of ability to feed the ball through midfield and bring the attacking three behind Mckay into play. I guess this is (partly) down to Aberdeen packing three midfielders in the middle of the pitch and stifling us but I also think we just didn't look as sharp as we did at the start of the season. Doran and Ross barely saw the ball in the second half and Vincent was anonymous for significant parts of the game. We badly lacked someone playing behind Mckay who could retain the ball whilst under pressure and take it away from goal i.e. Andrew Shinnie. We also had no real creative spark in the middle of the pitch either.


Craig Thomson had a rotten game. Beggars belief that he is viewed so highly.

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