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Robbo's interim - Neil McCann

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First of can i express best of wishes to Robbo and Scott at this trying time for both of them.


however a bit of pre match discussion, who is likely to be the interim? i would assume whoever it is, is likely to be there for the next 8 weeks until the end of the season. like others have said, i assumed all youth training is postponed at present and i would be quite happy with barry and ryan covering, with assistance from charlie. does ross tokely still take an ict youth side??


whoever it is has to be able to work with barry and ryan. i wouldn't be so keen on a pele return but yes to donald park. from gardiner's statement yesterday i would have said kettlewell met the criteria and i wouldn't be against that but i would have thought that could have been a pretty instant appointment if going to happen. from listening to managers who have left jobs this season, dealing with covid protocols seems quite a big factor, so appointing someone with covid protocol experience maybe quite beneficial, then stephen robinson might be an idea, especially as he seems to know our squads quite well as he has raided it plenty in previous years. looking at contacts gardiner has it would likely be someone with hearts, dundee or rangers past or stuart mccall might be in the frame. i don't think there is anyone likely from his spurs days.

if you want to go leftfield then why not mark hughes and mark bowen. been out of the game for a while now but keen to get back in. a wee 8 week sabbatical to the highlands may get them roaded for a bigger gig elsewhere in the summer. we could of course just go for eddie howe but that might upset the celtic fans more than they already are!!!


any other likely suspects??? 

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Because there's nothing offensive or abusive? Because it's a platform for fans' views? Are you implying that we should censor everything that isn't posted by Happy Clappers?

As Mantis has said, and contrary to popular belief from some, we dont censor comments on here, nor do we remove said comments unless they cross the line. You may find them disrespectful, and others ma

What kind of fans do we have ? It’s embarrassing reading some of the comments on here . A man is willing to give up a steady position to help us in our hour of need and this is how we thank him . I kn

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we honestly don't deserve Neil McCann based on some comments, he has come to help us out, possibly a mate of JRs, and given up  lucrative tv gig, probably paying him peanuts. 

Shower of D1cks,  lets give him the usual ICT welcome and hound him out, 

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2 hours ago, WYNESS101 said:

WOW.....just when you think things can't get any worse at the club. 

So tragic death in a well respected manager's family, a coach seriously ill, people dying from covid-19 and you think McCann's appointment is the worse thing that has happened.  Unbelievable that you could post that, think on.

Wow.....Just when you think comments cant get any worse

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57 minutes ago, bdu98196 said:

Oh well, interesting history of Dundee, hearts and rangers.......anyone at the club with a common (staunch) background

Staunch not quite sure what your getting at, suggest you maybe educate yourself before making comments like that.  But im sure you will elaborate.

This site is over run with idiots sometimes

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Like everyone, zi have no idea how long this appointment might last but give the man a chance and, at the very least  stop making snide comments about the clubs he has played for. This is not poisonous west central Scotland. Mercifully, such things are irrelevant to the great majority of us here.

McCann has been around the Scottish football scene, one way or another  most of his life.

He is fresh to the club and may bring a different insight. He must certainly isn't coming for the money or the glamour of managing ICT.

There is no doubt that his only other spell as a manager ended badly but that was some time ago now and  as a clearly intelligent man, he will have had time to reflect on where he went wrong and will be keen to demonstrate that he is better than that.

We still have an outside chance of securing a play off spot. Time to unite and get behind the team and the interim manager who deserves our thanks for coming to our aid at such a difficult time whilst giving up, at least temporarily, what must be a less stressful and probably better paid media job.

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I know I'm one to talk so feel free to slate me, probably not what mods want to hear (and not because it will lead to me losing the rag though) because it could lead to this thread going way off topic. 


Some of the comments I've seen on here, Facebook and Twitter are actually laughable. The guy hasn't had a match yet and some are saying its a disaster, which is wrong because Neil is a well respected sky pundit who knows what he's talking about.  Yes his record at Dens wasn't good but we have had many failures of other clubs managers come here and do well. 

It's only interim anyway so let's all back him and hope he does well, he's just left a role as Rangers TV pundit to come up here to put himself back in the shop window. 


I would have preferred Gary Naysmith myself but I'm happy to give Neil my 100% backing. 

I look forward to hearing what he has to say in his first interview in a few hours. 

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Not overly happy at the appointment of McCann (reeks of jobs for the boys) but TBH I don't care who is in charge right now as long as we start getting some wins under our belt and start moving up the table.

He's infinitely preferable to either Locke or Naysmith however. It will be interesting to see if we notice any big changes during the game on Friday.

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I think it's a tradition amongst some of the ICT support to have a dig at a newly appointed manager at our club. Even the likes of Brewster, Butcher, Yogi, Foran and, yes, even Robbo got the expert fan opinion. I think the only one that didn't get any initial stick was Charlie.

McCann is more experienced than the current options within the club so, for me, it's the right decision.

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To be fair he's stepped away from a couple of lucrative TV gigs to do this, and he's also done it in the knowledge that it's potentially shortish term.  I think he's got something to lose by doing this. The Dundee supporters actually speak pretty highly of his period as interim boss (less said about the permanent position although I don't think he really wanted it) so hopefully he can do the same here and get us up the table.

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8 hours ago, Agent N said:

So tragic death in a well respected manager's family, a coach seriously ill, people dying from covid-19 and you think McCann's appointment is the worse thing that has happened.

To be fair, that’s not what he said. 

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