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Hearts -V- Inverness CT


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Hearts -V- Inverness CT

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20th Aug @ 3PM, Tynecastle Stadium, Edinburgh
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The number of goals we have lost in the last couple of games from the center of the box would suggest poor defending. I can only see relegation for us this season unless we can get some more players in. Is Ritchie's inexperience a factor?? Could be a cricket score today

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This is just disgrace.    The board should take a lot of flak for this,  if they chose this manager they should at least provide funds to aid his position.  Cant imagine the bus home is going to be fun.    

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Awful, awful, awful.  We're going to get cut adrift very very quickly at this rate. Doesn't help when our new manager doesn't get the necessary support to build a team BUT indications are that this may not end well - very much hope I'm wrong though.  That was a Hearts team that was under pressure and there for the taking but didn't need to get out of 2nd gear to hammer us.  That was our 1st choice back 4 and worryingly it was the poorest defensive performance so far.

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Ooops, not a good result at all, although according to the BBC we had nearly as many shots on target as they did?? That was effectively our first team out there...(I presume Billy King was absent due to terms of his loan?)... but already we seem to be down to 5 substitutes. That early season optimism has rather gone up in smoke hasn't it. I think we may be about the find out what a good job both Butcher and Hughes did on sparse resources (and small squads). The loss of Storey and the strange decision not to keep Jordan Roberts is already looking costly on the back of some of the other players that left the club in the summer. The board need to find some money for some quality players (now where did I hear that before?), but I doubt RF will see very much, and in reality the monetary benefits of being in the SPL compared to the Championship wouldn't justify risking the financial survival of the club, whereas in the possible event of us being relegated, we would be competing with clubs with similar finances to us.

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I don't get it. OFW + back 4 + Draper and Tansey holding reads pretty well on paper....and yet they collectively ship 5!!! What's up with Raven? Is Meekings match sharp yet? What's happened to Warren and Tremarco? Is Tansey's head elsewhere?

Even elsewhere on the park, things are not so different from the past 2 seasons: Polworth, Vigurs, Mulraney and now Doran should offer something, but aren't yet. Granted, Boden isn't a patch on Storey, Billy or Watkins, but that doesn't explain 5 goals conceded! It has to be down to poor organisation and motivation. Richie is going to have to learn very quickly!

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I was at the game and it was a strange one to say the least. If you were to watch the game without any of the goals you'd probably say it was even, our build up play was decent, Mulraney had their left back on toast(before he was worryingly stretchered off) but we were hapless up front. Bolden offered absolutely nothing, he struggled to hold up the ball, and had two chances which ended up as comical misses. Our defending let us down big time, it was so easy for Hearts for all their goals. At the end of the day they have so much more quality than us and it showed with their goals. I've seen us play a lot worse and lose by less, don't no if that's a positive or a negative!

Realistically we need a defender for cover and two attacking options, if we had a Ryan Christie or Matley Walktins today we would have taken something from the game. Unfortunately we'll probably only sign one more player. At this point I'll be happy to stay up. 

Tansey was poor and from the sounds of it he has been all season, Vigurs head went down early, Draper was ok. Horner looked better than Raven, I think we should be starting him. 

On a positive note, the only way is up! 

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14 minutes ago, lightwelter said:

At this point I'll be happy to stay up.

At this point I'll be surprised if we stay up!

We are clearly the worst team in the league, at this moment in time. Big improvement needed, I'm just not sure where it's going to come from.

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Richie spends the whole game with his arms folded???? There were a few stoppages of play in the game and only once did I see Rice giving instructions..

Not impressed... and less said about Raven the better!

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