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Details for streaming home games

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13 hours ago, snorbens_caleyman said:

If you are on a PC - top right of the screen - do you see a symbol for the head and shoulders of a person?  Click on it.

The wee mannie on the top right is the way in I tried a few times last week then clicked on the mannie and that was me in :wink:

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I thought the broadcast was decent enough, apart from when the ball was not in play like waiting for a corner and the AI went in search of it. The commentator has a difficult job without a sideki

A wee bit of positive news, I hope - Andy and his team (who do the highlights filming from the A9 side of the ground) invited me along on Saturday to act as the 'commentator' for a test run of their n

I really enjoyed that. It felt like I was at my seat.  My low concentration and poor eyesight were mimicked perfectly by the AI. The staring and swearing at the linesmans bald head made

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3 minutes ago, ictbob said:

Says it starting at 1.30 but I'll have another beer and wait.

No that’s the clubs a Facebook page prematch build up, not the live stream.

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2 minutes ago, givmeaccccc said:

Still no video, wee wheel spinning for past 10 minutes😒

Must be your broadband, mine is ok but the commentator hasn't turned up 

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No improvement in the quality of product from last Saturday. 

It is very difficult to watch and feels like I am getting a sore head. 

I think I will wait for the highlights on youtube tomorrow and bin the streaming. 

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I refrained from criticising last week's effort but for a club which needs every penny surely the inability to address the well documented shortcomings is unforgivable. 

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