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What a difference 5 days make. Mowbray is such a hypocrite, he says McGeady was anticipating the tackle so was beginning to fall. You could say exactly the same about Eduardo on Tuesday, or as I would call 'cheating'

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Lets now see if Gordon Smith now comes out and demands action against McGeadys blatant cheating.

action has already been taken he was booked and then sent off for it. Smith stuck his nose into the Eduardo incident because the Arsenal striker conned the ref and got away with it.

And on top of McGeady incident Christian Nade dives in the box ala Eduardo style and gets booked for it also.

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Footballers have always stretched the rules to get advantage. And get this, ICT players are no different.

God help us if we get to the stage of 6 linesmen, 4 goal judges, 25 cameras reviewing every contested throw-in.

The more these 'incidents' get highlighted the funnier it is watching and listening to the hypocrites-in-chief, Wenger, Mowbray, Fergie et al, bleating on about 'tragedies' and conspiracies.

The game is not perfect. But neither is life. Live with it.

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