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Rock gigs in Inverness


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Just found an old thread but I can't add to it so may as well start again. Cant believe I never saw it years ago.

I seem to have attended the most of those listed from 80s on.

Death Cult with a really arrogant Ian Asbury

Thin Lizzy with my big brother

999 / Flux of pink Indians in the Rose st Hall,

Siouxie and the Banshees

Echo and the Bunnymen who did sound crap live

Smiths at Eden Court twice

Proclaimers at Railway Club, just after they had appeared on The Tube i think

missed the Pretenders and Clash, one was my sisters wedding



Big Country ( slightly embarrassed )

Hue and Cry ( dragged along to keep ex wife happy, hated them and still do )

Jesus and the Mary Chain which was so loud my ears buzzed for two weeks.

Also saw Theatre of Hate but didnt think it was Aviemore, but was very intoxicated. remember vaigely being on stage when they sung Westword.

Dr Feelgood at Caley downstairs, again intoxicated to the extreme but didnt know they were playing and ended up getting in somehow.

New Model Army, possibly the best gig Ive seen in Inverness, and also possibly the most intimidating

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Think it was 84 or 85. Carlton upstairs. they were wasted and bottles were thrown around. Only played 5 or 6 songs and a number of fights broke out and they walked off. Was another band that night too, and cant remember who they were.

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Think it was 84 or 85. Carlton upstairs. they were wasted and bottles were thrown around. Only played 5 or 6 songs and a number of fights broke out and they walked off. Was another band that night too, and cant remember who they were.

How did I miss that?

What about old Inverness groups, mostly pretty ropey, The Kut and the like.

I suppose A Gentle Sound were the closest to a decent group that I recall from the Sneck.

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someone else mentioned Bikini Test and Kenny Hegney. It was me that thought of the name, we had started practicing in his house up Milton Crescent. Used to go to the alternative disco's at the Maltings, til we were banned by hotel, and then relocated to the Ice rink, but it was never the same.

Anyone remember Chip, who had the 14" spiked horn and rest of his head shaved. Aint seen or heard of him in 20 years.

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Back late 50's, Empire Theatre fore runner of today's gigs, Variety show :-

Clyde Valley Stomper's Mary McGowan singing Old time Religion, fantastic, nearly brought the house down best thing brought to Snekie in my teenage years.

Anybody out there see that show? You would not have forgotten it if you did.

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Slade in Nairn - was it the Ballerina !!

Bay City Rollers, Buster Bloodvessel and Sweet at the Caley !! Rory Gallagher was the best ever.

Elgin Red Shoes used to be a good venue as well.

Many a good night in the Ballerina in Nairn but, IHE, it was the Two Red Shoes in Elgin (big fat guy in charge - cant remember his name) - those were the days when we also went in umpteen double deck buses to the Strath!! Oh, the days of live bands every Friday and Saturday, with a choice of where to go.

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Rory Gallacher played Inverness - I didn't know that. But then I am younger than most of you lot ;-)


Yes, he played in Inverness twice - first with Taste at the Caley Park in 1970 or 1971, then with his own band in the Caley Ballroom in 1973. Support band for this gig was Greenslade who were prog band and quite a contrast to Rory.

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The Beatles in Scotland was reviewed in the Courier last week. Can’t see an earlier post on this so …some interesting facts not mentioned in the paper:


Saturday 21 May 1960 - As the Silver Beetles they played their second professional touring gig at the Northern Meeting Ballroom. The place was apparently packed but everyone had come to see Lindsay Ross and the Scottish Country Dance Band

6 days later they played the Regal Ballroom in Nairn to mixed reviews.


Thursday 3 January 1963 – As the now better known Beatles they played between two sets by Alex Sutherland’s Jazz band at the Two Red Shoes in Elgin. Seemingly the good folks of Moray didn’t know what to make of them.


Friday 4 January 1963 – 19 people turned up to see them in Dingwall Town Hall. The place to be that night was the Strathpeffer Pavilion where over a thousand had gathered to see the Melotones.


Any memories of these local bands which were more popular than the Beatles?!

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Echo and the Bunnymen - Ice Rink 1983 (my first gig)

The Smiths - Eden Court (the second visit from them, had The Chesterfields as support)

Stump - Ice Rink

Goodbye Mr MacKenzie - Ice Rink

Jesse Garon and the Desperados - Ice Rink

New York Pig Funkers - Carlton

Proclaimers - Ice Rink

Hook n' Pull Gang - Tryst

Shop Assistants - Eden Court (Could have been the Crows in support)

Senseless Things - Hayloft and Railway Club

Mega City 4 - Hayloft

UK Subs - both Hayloft and Culloden

Sedition - Hayloft

Waterboys - large tent in the Bught Park

Mambo Taxi - Railway Club

Man at the Window - Bught Park (free music festival, this is the only band I remember)



As for Inverness bands seen the Cateran both at the Ice Rink and the Tryst, A Gentle Sound I can't remember where, The Kettle Brothers at the Ice Rink playing visuals from a tv set at the front of the stage or was this at the Caley Hotel downstairs, Bikini Test twice first up in Tain Balnagowan Hotel as a 6 piece, then Caley Hotel just Louis and Kenny. Make my Day, Stetsonhead, Joyriders probably a few more I've seen. The Boyfriends who had Graham Kemp who went on to John Peel faves Urusei Yatsura a few years later. Rainland somewhere I can't remember. Another band from the early 80's called Lethality Index(?). The Voyeurs were another band seen a couple of times.


Seen a few folk artists such as Blazing Fiddles, Old Blind Dogs, Kate Rusby.


Any more I can recall I'll come back to this post.

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Its good to see my old bands being mentioned! I was the drummer in The Boyfriends with Graham and A Gentle Sound. AGS only played Inverness twice ( Spectrum Centre & The Muirtown Motel). Graham did go onto better things! I think he was involved with the BIS lot and is still doing his Thurston Moor impressions these days!


I dont recall JAMC playing Inverness! But I did attent a lot of those gigs mentioned, Death Cult, Smiths, Soiuxie, Echo. Anyone do The Clash at the Ice Centre?


Join the AGS fan page on FB! Lots of memories, demos & pics,


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Other Local Bands I recall - Cateran/Joyriders, Flight to Cairo, TheKick who became The Kut, Suspect Device, Lyricsmith, Blind.


The Hayloft/Railway Club had some gems playing there too! Mega City Four, Sensless Things, Sterophonics, Supernaturals, Frank Black, The Farm, Subcircus

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