Inverness Royal Academy of Olde

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10 hours ago, IMMORTAL HOWDEN ENDER said:

House Tug-Of-War - What Hoose were you in ?

Caddy Tug of War.jpg

What weaklings :lol: they would not be able to beat Ashie House from the High School!

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10 hours ago, Scarlet Pimple said:

Red Farr, Orange Raigmore, Blue Abertarff.      Dunain I don't remember ?

Raigmore was more of a yellow, complementing the other school colour which was the blue of Abertarff. Far was indeed red and Dunain was green.

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Just read the whole thread again  to fill in some time and , again, some great flashbacks. What a great 2 hours or so that was too. So many memories ! Farr it was for me at the Inverness Royal Academy and Raigmore for my sister , Daphne, who is 3 years older than I am.     Strangely enough both of us went into the Bank right after completion of schooling.....her to the Commercial Bank and me to the Royal Bank. She stayed in Inverness but eventually  I moved on  to Canada.  However, the old memories can't be denied and it's like watching a newsreel unfolding in front of your eyes.           Thanks  to all of you who have posted on this great thread..

If any of you want some more insights about Canada don't hesitate to get into touch with me. Like every person and country there is great, good and maybe not so great things.  Into the latter category I put Politics and  the current price of houses, which, in the Vancouver area at least, have doubled or even tripled in the last few years. So house prices have started to drop because no one can afford them on the standard wages. And Many people are fleeing Vancouver to reside in the suburbs like I had to do a few years ago. I live in Maple Ridge which  is about 45 miles due East  from Vancouver as the crow flies above the Freeway. Unfortunately, gasoline prices in this area just happen to be the highest in all of North America, partially due to the fact that British Columbia does not want any more pipelines going through this Province  and the big oil companies situated East of here have retaliated by hiking their prices. Countering that are the many huge advantages offered to a willing partner. Getting ahead is NOT so difficult but getting fired outright can be an unwelcome surprise. You know the race is supposed to go to the swift but here I would say that the benefits come to the determined & resourceful.....AFTER careful planning, of course.:mountie:        :whistle:




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