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Opportunity for me to try out a new toy...





That's assuming that Devine is available (he wasn't even a sub on Tuesday), any potential new signing (Kink?) won't be fit to start, and that none of our casualties (Brill, Doran, Vincent, Foran) are back.  Warren and Watkins are suspended.


We're down to the bare bones, aren't we?


Edit: damn, couldn't get the graphic embedded in the post so just had to leave the link

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There are 9 teams in our league who would love to be where we are .

Was at the game today and I felt that the first half was a non-event from our perspective. Our passing was not slick at all and very sloppy and slow. If we want to dominate next week then we need to p

Probably the biggest factor in a poor overall performance today was players that have been pretty heroic all season apparently having off days. Draper's passing was very poor; Raven similarly so; Shin

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Raven Devine* Meekings Tremarco










Subs - Mackay, Polworth, Horner, Sutherland, Ferguson, Brown, Baptie


*If Devine is out, move Draper to centre-back and bring Polworth on.  Stick Hoban onto the bench as a third keeper (he travels anyway so may as well take the spot).

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Minimal reshuffle possible (assuming Warren, Doran and Watkins are out and Devine is fit:



Raven Devine Meekings Shinnie

Tansey Draper

Ross Polworth Williams



kinda like the 3 local lads up top, but a little inexperienced!


If Devine is injured, then Tremarco has to go in there.


Anyone left for the bench? Ferguson, Sutherland, Horner, Baptie(?), U17 goalie(!), U12 winger....Nessie, Subway sub

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I thought Watkins can make this game but misses Partick away? or if Dundee United at home gets rearranged sooner.

I don't know! He's banned for one game 'from the 28th". It's open to interpretation!

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How is his name pronounced?

"Oh - feer - ay" is my guess.

I almost made a schoolboy error by suggesting he's our first African player, but we had Thierry Gattheussi from Cameroon, of course!

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Really struggling for numbers so this now looks increasingly likely:



Raven Hughes Meekings Shinnie

       Tansey Latapy

    Ross Christie Williams



Subs Tommy the Groundsman, etc.

Put Draper in the Latapy slot, Christie up front with Latapy behindhim and you've got a team

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Inverness Caledonian Thistle

  • 01 Esson
  • 02 Raven
  • 14 Devine
  • 06 Meekings
  • 03 Shinnie
  • 19 Williams
  • 08 Draper
  • 16 Tansey
  • 11 Ross
  • 07 Ofere
  • 22 Christie
  • 10 Doran
  • 17 Horner
  • 18 Tremarco
  • 20 Polworth
  • 31 Mackay
  • 37 Sutherland
  • 39 Ferguson
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