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If anyones interested Dundee tomorrow...


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Preview ahead of tomorrows game. Remember the olde days when folk used to come on here and get worked up about a wee game of fitba..........."We have made cuts elsewhere. The nice lady that always appeared to be in control when you entered the club shop has not had her contract renewed........................................


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Twitter is 'killing' football forums. News breaks quicker there and there's plenty of discussion as well. 

Anyway, Storey looks like he is out for tomorrow. Terrible news. Guess we'll go with:

Fon Williams 

Raven Meekings Devine Tremarco 

Tansey Vigurs 

Polworth Vincent Williams 



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Fon Williams

Raven Devine Tremarco Williams

Tansey Wedderburn

Christie Vincent Sutherland


Subs - Esson, Polworth, Horner, Vigurs, Brown, MacRae, Howarth

With Storey out, I've gone for a slightly revolutionary idea - Meekings up front.  Think about it: he's strong, he's fairly quick, he's a decent passer of the ball, he's a strong runner with the ball, he's a hard worked and on top of that, according to Ryan Esson he's got the hardest shot in the whole squad.  Worth a try I reckon.


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My team would be: 

Fon Williams 

Raven Meekings Tremarco Williams 

Devine Polworth 

Vincent Tansey Christie 


I would go with that Roughi, after a bad week we have nothing to loose!

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Tremarco at CB is beyond mental given how he struggles in the air.

My thinking behind it was more his physical presence that might help stop Hemmings and Loy. I also wanted to get Devine out of the back four and push him into midfield to give the bite back thats missing since Draper has been out of the team. 

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I'm not sure we have enough players for a full team. Maybe just field some of the posters on here, but I'm not sure about IHE, he might make the bench although he would probably have it to himself.

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