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Banner for C*unty

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I have a friend who has a friend that works in printing and can do us banners on the cheap so we are planning a 20ft banner for the derby in the cup! We are thinking something like 'Is it cold in our shadow?' Or something along those lines. Was just wondering if anyone has any witty ideas of what we could put on it?

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I purchased some banner making materials for the last game but ran out of time to do anything. The stuff should still be sitting down at the Stadium.

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Definitely agree that a simple slogan would be best

Like the idea of #foreverinourshadows or something similar

Would be great to wind up Del. Doesnt take much!

1st to admit i'm not great at ideas, so heres a few, some bad, some marginally better;

RCFC - CTs B Team since 1994

RCFC, feeding of our scraps since 1994

RCFC - looking up at their neighbours since 1994

Does your farmer know your here?

Remember remember the 5th of October! Pummeled!

Hiya Del, enjoy 5/10/12?

Hiya Deek, Hiya pal

Terry loves the wine, Derek loves a fine!

Terry loves the wine, Derek loves a whine!

Who put the O and the Y in County

Top six and your no! (Hopefully still the case in December)

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