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Killie away


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On 8/25/2021 at 5:12 PM, InvernessCT19 said:

Any decent pubs next to rugby park? 


2 hours ago, JLummy said:

Also looking for pub recommendation? Not done Killie away before  

The Portmann Hotel is a 5 minute walk from the ground, on Portland Road, and isn't asking people to book ahead. Alternatively, you've got The Brass and Granite on Grange St, which is just off Portland Road.

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4 wins out of 4, and a proverbial 'six-pointer' today. Can't ask for more than that. Great start to the (league) season. 

Also needed that after watching Toronto FC slip to yet another defeat last night - to Montreal of all people - and sit bottom of the entire MLS table with the biggest payroll in the league! Football can be hard on the emotions sometimes but thank you ICT for putting a smile on my face for the rest of the weekend. 

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Superb team effort - Kilmarnock looked out of ideas and out on their feet at the end. We looked seriously dangerous on the break. Great to bring on Welsh - he really helps tidy things up and keep the ball on the deck when we look far more effective. Would love to see how many miles they all ran. on another note ...good to hear on radio "That was Todorov hitting his hattrick of shots against the keeper"  as Dunfermline keep sliding.

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29 minutes ago, Kingsmills said:

A few more goals against Buckie next week would be a nice bonus though.

I would like to see an experiment, of Billy McKay starting alongside Manny Duku, with Shane Sutherland on the bench.

I don't think that Sutherland and Duku have established any sort of partnership, and I think that it's Sutherland who is usually the less adventurous of the two.  Put McKay and Duku on together, and either they will click and score a barrowload of goals, or they will both go AWOL with no understanding of where the other is.

The Buckie game is the best opportunity to try out something like that.

Very pleased with the four 1-0s, of course.  But some time soon we are going to have to score more than one goal!

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Not much between the sides but I think that was a deserved win for ICT. Whilst still not firing on all cylinders and not creating too many chances we were very well drilled at the back and worked exceptionally hard to close Killie down when they had the ball in more threatening areas. And when they did managed to wriggle free and get a cross in Devine and Broadfoot were almost always there to clear the danger. Allardice took a while to get going but he grew into the game and seemed to perform a lot better when he was working with Welsh after Dodds made some changes in the second half.

Gardyne took his goal really well, nice wee burst of pace to get away from Naismith (?) in the box before rifling an effort into the roof of the net. Duku was a bit of the boil today I felt, he struggled to win any high balls up to him, but Sutherland was pretty decent. He put in a hell of a shift trying to close down the Killie CBs in the second half and had a decent opportunity to kill the game off when he tried to chip the keeper but got it all wrong. MotM for me though was MacGregor who started the game playing alongside Allardice and was perfectly fine but when he was pushed further up the pitch when Duku went off for Welsh he seemed to revel in this more advanced position and he showed some wonderful touches to drag the ball away from Killie players including one outrageous challenge / Cruyff turn he did on Burke (I think). He seemed to be at the heart of everything we tried to put together in the second half and although we didn't often get a chance at the end of any attacking move they almost all went through MacGregor. Hopefully the tape of the game can be destroyed so no opposing scouts see what he can do.

Killie seemed to be reliant on long balls forward for Robinson to chase (when he was on the pitch) or for Burke to try and create something. He did come in for some harsh treatment during the game but I felt he also went down a bit too easily at times and I think the referee started to give him fewer decisions as a result. Polworth faded badly as the game went on and I don't even know if he had a touch for long periods of the second half. Killie just seemed a wee bit unsure of how to break us down. We definitely seem improved at the back now which is good. Ridgers did have a couple of decent saves to make in the first half but I can't recall him being too troubled in the second.

Decent wee crowd down the road to support us and were in good voice throughout. Players definitely seemed to appreciate it after a few "mellow" home matches.

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When was the last time that we led a league after 4 matches. That was as good a vocal support at Killie as I have certainly witnessed. RIG sums the action up well but I have been busting to do a Smileymometer. Killie really did not look like scoring and we did look dangerous on the break. The only two  negatives were that our final pass was abysmal and we could have racked up 4 or 5 otherwise. And I think that we could have employed swapping Gardyne and |Walsh on a regular basis (or was Gardyne played there becos of Burke ?)Gawd do we look solid defensively. A structured back four and three or four making a second line in front and everybody pressing. Killie tried to play football at the back but let themselves down with hoof tactics when they ran out of ideas. It was also a good idea to tag team Burke (WWE style) early doors. And what a bunch of whingers the Killie fans are. It was as if they were expecting a non contact sporting event.

RIDGERS * * *  Did not really have that much to do but you can sense that his confidence is high and the players in front of him know that he will be there as a practical and reliable sweeper. Commanding is the word.

CARSON * * * Still not convinced that he is a wing back. Gives 100% and gets stuck in but needs to learn the role.

BROADFOOT * * * * Uses his head and experience to good use. The Killie hoof played to his strengths,

DEVINE * * * *  Pleasantly surprised as I was unsure about his return but he and Broadfoot complimented each other.

DEAS * * * Had the task of shackling Burke. That did not come to fruition in the first 10-15 minutes but Gardyne gave him the support he needed thereafter

WALSH * * * Played his role but wasted on the right. Killie evidently sussed that he is very left footed.

ALLARDICE * * *  Did not notice him at the start but he grew into the game and filled in a few gaps later on and added to the defensive structure playing in the hole in front of B & D.

McGREGOR * * * * * Thought that he was SUPERB, especially in the second half when he played further up. Some of his touches were SUBLIME. MOTM by a country mile

GARDYNE * * * *  Very impressed. Took goal well. Spent most of the match covering the danger of Burke. Ran his socks off and he an McGregor evidently are on the same wavelength.

SUTHERLAND * * * *  What he lacks in finesse he makes up for in effort and running, May well soon be a choice between him or Duku to partner Mckay.

DUKU * *  First time that I have watched him so I presume that he had a bad day at the office. I felt that he did not deal with the physicality.

To be able to bring Welsh, Doran and Mckay off the bench - well enuff said



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We were excellent in terms of shape and effort throughout but at half-time I still couldn't see us winning the game as we were getting deeper and struggling to keep the ball. Huge credit to Dodds for changing it, bringing Welsh on, moving Roddy forward and then adding Doran. The way we played around Killie in the last half hour was a joy to watch and they never looked like getting back into it. 

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