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Discuss ICT & other games in this thread as they happen
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Inverness CT -V- Hibernian

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16th March @ 7:45PM, Caledonian Stadium
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Yes.  We might have done better last night if Liam Hughes had picked the side and John Hughes had played as striker.

Can't blame the manager for 2 unforced defensive howlers. Everyone was calling for a more direct approach and Yogi delivered. On another night one of the 50 or so balls we put into their box would've

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Hate midweek games !! especially when the clocks here go forward or back ahead of the UK ! .... updates to various pages will be late today as the UK is currently only 4 hours ahead of me and I will be battling through rush hour traffic to get home. Hopefully I can get to it soon after I get home, and hopefully with a smile on my face :ictscarf::ictscarf::ictscarf: 

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It's 12.35 past noon here in beautiful B.C, and I am about to enter into a hectic search for info on the progress of the game. Like you, Scotty, with fingers crossed and heart a few beats higher than usual.

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two defensive errors for the goals, not sure who was at fault for the second but for a premiership side to be making these kind of mistakes on a weekly basis is staggering. It's gutting how bad we are right now!

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watching the feed Hibs have dominated and passed the ball around where as we have launched it forward but no width and oxley has had nothing to do so im afraid we losing the defence of our title with a whimper 

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not looking good, don't know where a goal is going to come from apart from Hibs scoring more. Should hook Hughes at half time and get Roberts and Storey on.

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